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  • A lot of ABM and sales-enablement vendors talk about how companies can use technology to scale customer contact. Despite the promises about futuristic things like artificial intelligence, you'd be paying to fail if you don't take the human touch into account.

  • As social media users, we think nothing of creating videos that are fun and entertaining. Yet, when it's time to use video in a more structured environment, say for marketing, suddenly videos are intimidating. But they don't have to be.

  • Relying solely on analytics tools when making business decisions can lead to misdirected targeting, causing major consequences for an organization's bottom line.

  • Two-thirds of B2B agency marketers say their firm is using an account-based marketing (ABM) approach, according to recent research from Demandbase.

  • Instead of targeting just the C-suite, today's B2B marketers must target groups of buyers and influencers who range from junior procurement specialists in their 20s to senior executives in their 50s and 60s.

  • Just 18 words. Marketing and Sales pros who know this powerful stat, fly; and those who don't, die. (Well, their emails do.)

  • Account-based marketing might be thought of as an enterprise-level tactic, but that doesn't mean ABM, albeit scaled down, can't provide outsized results for your small-to-midsize business.

  • Here are some real-life examples of how an account-based marketing and selling approach on LinkedIn can drive not just reach and awareness but also demand and revenue.

  • In this PRO seminar, you'll learn everything you need to ignite your account-based marketing program. You'll leave knowing how to identify whether ABM is right for you, who you should be targeting, and what tactics you should be using.

  • Marketers say personalizing content is the most effective account-based marketing tactic, according to recent research from Ascend2.

  • Nipul Chokshi of predictive analytics company Lattice Engines explains how account-based marketing can be scaled to work for companies with a large volume of target accounts, and offers advice for implementing ABM.

  • Account-based marketing is built on six processes that flip the focus from generating leads to courting the companies you want to do business with. An added benefit: total sales and marketing alignment.

  • Strong customer relationships drive sales, sustainability, and growth, especially in today's economy. Regardless of your industry, follow these five tips for stronger and healthier customer relationships.

  • What is it that regularly blows apart business development efforts and causes marketing to fail? The lack of follow up. Yes, it can be uncomfortable to do for professionals, but it isn't hard; anyone can do it.