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  • Customer advisory boards can deliver amazing benefits to host companies and participants, but they can easily backfire if not managed, budgeted, or resourced properly. Here's how to make sure your CAB program succeeds.

  • Most consumers who use Amazon to shop visit the e-commerce platform at least once a week, according to recent research from Feedvisor.

  • Average star rating is what most consumers pay attention to when evaluating a local business based on its online reviews, according to recent research from BrightLocal.

  • For decades, marketers have meticulously segmented audiences on demographics and personas, but these methods are growing irrelevant. There are stronger predictors of buying habits.

  • Bank customers want personalized ads across channels, according to a report that asked consumers their thoughts on how banks advertise online. Check out the infographic for more tips on how banks can speak to their customers effectively.

  • What are the most popular corporate gifts to give? If you're with an agency or you've got clients, check out this infographic to see how your gifts stack up.

  • A customer-centric mindset is vital for marketing success, helping campaigns resonate with prospects and leading to more sales and greater customer satisfaction. So how can busy marketers implement a customer-centric mindset?

  • Acquiring new customers may be exciting, but keeping the ones you have is more profitable. Check out today's infographic for 20 reasons you may want to focus your marketing efforts on customer loyalty.

  • Consumers expect to be notified quickly by retailers when there is an issue with their shipment or when their delivery date changes, according to recent research from Dropoff.

  • Customer experience (CX) leaders generate more revenue than companies that fail to prioritize CX. Brands become CX leaders by personalizing engagement in relevant and valuable ways. Here are four guideposts for getting CX right.