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  • Is your team spending too much time on manual tasks, such as cleaning up data? The good news: there are easy-to-implement processes to free up your team and improve your ROI.

  • Global spend on mobile advertising grew 38% in 2017, and it's projected to increase 19% per year through 2020, according to Zenith.

  • Working remotely can be beneficial for both employees and companies, but the practice comes with challenges. Check out the infographic for tips on tools and troubleshooting that can help make your employees' remote work experience smoother.

  • Here are five ways to overcome low search volume and drive more revenue from your paid search campaigns.

  • Should companies allocate precious resources toward professional development and training for their marketing teams? Yes... but you need to ensure training effectiveness. Here's a four-step process for doing exactly that.

  • Members of in-house creative teams say the biggest challenge they face is the speed at which they are expected to work, according to recent research from inMotionNow and InSource.

  • Ron Tite, speaker, author, and owner of content marketing agency Church + State, says creativity is the key to marketing, likens business disruption to a political coup, and discusses the rise of the "Expression Economy"—his take on modern business.

  • Employees are motivated by more that just money, research shows. Learning, community, and purpose are all key reasons people enjoy their work. Read on for tips on how to be a motivating manager.

  • Most brands and agencies (58%) say they employ creative (nontechnical) marketing freelancers, according to recent research from The Creative Group.

  • Pricing can be one of the most sensitive parts of a marketing proposal, but these four tips can help your prospects focus on the value of your services rather than the dollar amount—and give you their Yes.