In this episode, the spotlight is on how artificial intelligence is revolutionizing SEO and marketing. Guest Chris Rodgers offers insights that can help guide marketers looking to navigate the complexities of integrating AI in their SEO and marketing.

Considering the rapid evolution of AI technologies, Rodgers emphasizes the importance of staying current with AI developments, pointing out the necessity of marketers' adapting and learning continually.

He stresses the significance of hands-on experience with AI tools, advising marketers to integrate AI into their work routines—not as a replacement for human creativity but as an enhancement to their skills.

The key, according to Rodgers, is to use AI to boost productivity and efficiency, without relying on it for critical thinking or decision-making.

Check out the video for more details, and the full podcast (link below the video) for the entire insightful conversation.

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Transcript: How Artificial Intelligence Is Impacting SEO, With Chris Rodgers

Hello to all my Marketing Smarts Live viewers today. I'm excited to bring you yet another episode of the Marketing Smarts Live show.

This week's topic is all about How Artificial Intelligence Is Impacting SEO.

So, if you're ready to get your learning on, buckle up, and let's get ready to rock and roll.

Hey, I'm your boy George B. Thomas, speaker, trainer, catalyst, and host of this show, the Marketing Smarts Live show, and the Marketing Smarts podcast found on your favorite podcast app.

Today's guest clips are brought to you by Chris Rodgers.

Chris Rodgers, founder, and CEO of Colorado SEO Pros (CSP), a specialized SEO agency with unparalleled expertise and capabilities that has provided revenue-driven solutions to enterprise and SMB clients for 10+ years.

CSP has 100+ years of combined SEO experience, and it serves a variety of sectors and industries, including tech and AI, e-commerce, financial services, direct-to-consumer, edtech, crypto, the outdoor industry, and many more.

Now, remember the clips of Chris Rodgers today are pulled from the full Marketing Smarts podcast episode, and if you want to listen to the full interview with Chris Rodgers and myself, make sure to tune into the Marketing Smarts podcast, link to the entire show will be in the description below after the live show ends.

Now, in this episode, again, I'm talking with Chris Rodgers about How Artificial Intelligence Is Impacting SEO.

In this first clip, I asked Chris, How do you learn what you need to know about AI and content generation about B2B marketers, and how important it is to get and keep educated?


Chris: I wish there was just an easy way to do this. I'll tell you, a lot of the information that I get is on Twitter. There's a lot of people out there that are doing very cool things in terms of prompts and prompt engineering. There is an add-on called AIRPM that you can put with ChatGPT. They have a free version and they have a paid version. It's kind of like a prompt library. There are engineers that are creating prompts, there are approved prompts and top prompts, that kind of thing, and that can be very valuable.

More than anything, I think you need to be in there using it, testing it, and paying attention to the news and seeing what's happening, and figuring out how you can leverage this technology and stay educated. Beyond what you're doing on the marketing side, that's also job security. In this new world, being able to use this stuff, even if let's say you got completely replaced and your industry was gone, now you have to go get another job, you could go in and say, "I know how to do all of this stuff with AI, so I am a very efficient human. My productivity is great because I know how to use these tools to write emails, to do social media ads, to do all of these different things."

That would be my advice. Don't stick your head in the sand. It's not going away. Stay educated. Start playing around with it and figuring out how you can use it in your job and in your daily life. Make sure you're maintaining the quality of the output.

Let's put it this way. Don't ask ChatGPT anything that you cannot verify yourself. Do not go in there and expect it to teach you something that you can't look at or research to confirm, because if you do that and you're depending on it, you're in the danger zone because it's good at giving you an answer that sounds really good, whether it's true or not.


Did you hear that?

Don't end up in the danger zone!

But, get into the tools start to learn them...

As Chris said, they are not going away.

Are you using AI, ChatGPT, or other AI tools in your B2B marketing efforts today?

Put the answer to that in the chat pane or let me know on Twitter using the hashtag #mpb2b and, of course, tag me using @georgebthomas.

We'll get back to Chris Rodgers and his thoughts on How Artificial Intelligence Is Impacting SEO, But first, I have to ask...

Are you part of the MarketingProfs community? If not, become part of the MarketingProfs community by heading over to - That's

Now, it's time for one of my favorite sections...

In The B2B News - Where we talk about breaking B2B news or really important tips we find on the Google news tab related to you and your B2B business. This week, the title is...

Navigating the Challenges of Generative AI Adoption in B2B Marketing by 2024

With the year 2024 expected to be a pivotal time for B2B marketers in driving the adoption of generative AI (genAI), it is understandable that many are expressing unease or fear about being left behind in the race to implement genAI in their organizations.

This article explores the underlying factors causing this uncertainty and offers practical advice to help navigate these challenges and make meaningful advancements in the use of genAI in marketing.

According to Forbes, one-off approaches, corporate policies restricting experimentation, and difficulties in finding use cases for genAI are some of the main challenges that are causing marketers to feel uneasy about their progress with genAI adoption.

Yet, the importance of embracing genAI capabilities for content creation, audience engagement, and personalization is undeniable.

To read this article, check out the link below when the live show is over.

So, let's get back to Chris Rodgers and his Marketing Smarts podcast episode.

In this clip, I wanted to ask Chris, what are the biggest B2B marketing hurdles that we may face as we try to dive into AI, and generative content creation.


Chris: I'll give two. One, the biggest hurdle for me is time. Probably a lot of people that are working professionals, there's not a lot of time these days, especially if you're trying to move up or excel or be the best at what you do. There's no good answer for that. You have to find a way to make it a priority, you have to organize, get it into your schedule, and start organizing some time.

The fact that you're doing this podcast, the people that are listening are already on that path. They took the action of being here. Stick with it and make the time to actually learn more. Don't get discouraged that you don't understand everything at a finite level. This is a giant rabbit hole. I'm not going to become an AI data scientist, it is not my path forward unless I completely shift and I'm no longer CEO of my agency. Learn as much as you can and learn how to use it, stick with it, and stay consistent.

Then the other thing is just like what I said before, the other pitfall is using AI to think for you. This is not supposed to replace your human brain. It is supposed to empower you and make your output better. You can use it to save some of your brain power. This is one of the great uses now. You're going through and doing creating things, like we just recently redid our website, we went through parts of that using AI, not necessarily to write, but to come up with ideas.

If you get writer's block, you can go ping ChatGPT and it's going to give you a great summary of different topics that you're like, "Oh, I forgot about that, that, and that." You can cover more ground more efficiently, but don't all of a sudden say, "Well, I don't have to do it anymore. I'm going to work on playing video games and ChatGPT is going to do my job." We don't want to go that direction as people or as a society, because if we let the robots take over, I don't think we're going to like what they do with us.


Are you creating time to learn AI and the AI tools that could positively impact your professional life?

Are you letting it or leveraging it to increase your output and empower you to make your output better?

Remember, don't let it be your brain but let your brain use it to be more efficient.

We will get back to Chris Rodgers in a few minutes but first it's time for some...

Dope B2B Learnings From The Vault of MarketingProfs Articles

That's right, It's time to dig into the treasure trove of valuable information and pull out two pieces of gold to help you be a better B2B marketer.

Article one this week is: Marketers Know AI Is the Future, But Do They Understand AI Today? by Tod Loofbourrow

Here's a quick reality-check for the next artificial intelligence (AI) pitch you hear: Ask what the company's solution optimizes for.

If the answer is along the lines of "anything you need," that should raise a red flag.

AI doesn't work that way, but it's ad tech's favorite new buzzword, so you can understand why marketers say they're prioritizing a technology that few understand.

Article two this week is: Understanding Your B2B Digital Doppelgänger and AI Decision Matrix: Andrew Davis By George B. Thomas

In particular, you'll learn what a "Digital Doppelgänger" and "AI Decision Matrix" entail and how they can help you use AI as well as determine how and when to do so.

Andrew also provides a series of practical tips for using generative AI effectively.

In this insightful interview, Andrew delves into the evolving landscape of AI in B2B marketing, focusing on the concepts of Digital Doppelgängers and the AI Decision Matrix.

He addresses the challenges and potential of AI in content creation, emphasizing the need for transparency and strategic implementation.

Andrew's perspective offers a blend of caution and optimism, guiding marketers in leveraging AI while maintaining authenticity and efficiency.

Want to keep learning more? If so, check the links in the description below after the live show to get access to both amazing MarketingProfs articles.

OK, back to Chris Rodgers... Let's dive back into this conversation of How Artificial Intelligence Is Impacting SEO

In this clip, I wanted to as Chris, what does AI or Generative AI success look like. His words are very interesting...

Let's take a look.


Chris: The tough thing is I don't think we know. I don't know if there is actually a marker, at least not for the long term. Maybe for the mid to long term that success is you're able to navigate this path, you're able to continue moving forward in your career at an individual level; as marketers, we are able to adapt to this technology and use it to do better marketing and to remain a key part of how that's being done.

In the short term, I guess it really is can you be better at your job, at your mission, and at what you're doing. That to me is success. If you can avoid the landmines along the way, you can become better in terms of what you're doing, more effective. Who knows? Maybe you can improve quality of life along the way, too. I don't know, but that's probably not crazy either. I would think those would be pretty good markers of success.


I thought it was interesting when Chris said, maybe we don't know yet!

But also, did you hear that?

Have you been able to adapt?

Is it making you better at your job and your mission so far?

We're going to get some words of wisdom from Chris Rodgers here in a few minutes but right now, it's time to turn the spotlight on you, the MarketingProfs community. Yep, time for...

From The #MPB2B Community

We searched far and wide in the #MPB2B universe to find amazing information and conversation to bring to the masses.

So, first, make sure you are using the hashtag, and second, make sure you have fun and add value to the community.

Then, we'll spotlight you or your crew on the show. This week, it's...

Jim MacLeod He's Creating clarity from complexity and is Director of Digital Experience, Northeastern University

His LinkedIn post goes a little something like this...

At the recent #MPB2B, Andrew Davis introduced us to his AI digital twin, Drewdini. AI was, of course, the topic of the week at the conference, and not all of it was optimistic.

In this issue, I break down some of what I learned, as well as cover stories about poisoning AI models (yeah, it's possible), Christopher Penn's Generative AI starter kit, and how AI could end up like Napster.

Read on to learn more, or maybe you just want to see a better picture of what Midjourney thinks I would look like if I was cool.

#AI #GenerativeAI #Design #GraphicDesign #Midjourney #Napster #Midjourney

But you need to check out the description and click that link to check out the post and read or learn more!

Marketing Smarts viewer, I have to ask... are you going to be next to get the spotlight?

Remember, community, use the hashtag #mpb2b on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter and get the light shined on your awesomeness in the next episode or a future episode of the Marketing Smarts Live show!

Pro-tip, it won't hurt if you tag me in your post as well I'm @georgebthomas on LinkedIn and Twitter.

OK, let's kick it back to Chris Rodgers and some words of wisdom around this topic of How Artificial Intelligence Is Impacting SEO.

Here is what Chris Rodgers wanted to leave us with...


Chris: I'll go in a different direction. Find out what it is that you want in life. Most people don't know and it's a lot of work to figure out what you really want. Most people just don't take the time to figure it out. Figure out what you really want. Some people are like, "I want to be rich." What do you want, what does that actually mean to you? At a concrete level, what does that mean? Figure out what you want and get a plan to go after it, create the future in life that you want with actionable plans and persistence. That would be my advice.

Set your own path. Surround yourself with people that are going places that you want to go. If you have people that are naysayers that don't go anywhere and that are negative, get those people out. Get on the right track. By the way, as you're on this path, I would be paying attention to AI and figuring out how you can use AI to help you power your path to where you want to go in life.


I love the direction that Chris went with for his words of wisdom.

Do you know what you want in life?

Have you taken the time to figure it out?

Set your own path!

Bring the right people with you!

Be consistent!

And... figure out how you want to use AI to empower your path to where you want to go in life.

Have you enjoyed today's journey? Let us know, use that hashtag #mpb2b on whatever platform you are joining us on.

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