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Five Tips for Building Better Loyalty Emails

by Vivek Sharma  |  
June 14, 2017

Loyalty programs, if executed correctly, have the power to elevate customer experience and drive customer lifetime value.

Rewarding frequent shoppers with points is a great start, but a good loyalty program should provide more than just access to coupons and freebies. Delivering amazing experiences is the best way to get first-time shoppers to stick around.

Fully 83% of customers say a loyalty programs makes them more likely to continue doing business with a company, according to brand loyalty firm Bond.

For delivering loyalty program content, email is a highly effective channel for brands in retail, travel, financial services, and other verticals to generate member renewals, reinstate lapsed members, and increase overall customer retention.

Here are five tips for creating loyalty emails with content that will build lasting customer relationships and even encourage customers to spread the word to family and friends.

1. Tell a story with relationship history

People love a good story, and marketers know that storytelling is essential to building brand. But is the story you're telling in your loyalty emails all about you—or is it focused on your customers?

There are many ways, beyond the standard loyalty points summary, to focus on your customers in your loyalty emails. Incorporating a personalized relationship history can remind your customers how they came to love your brand in the first place.

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Vivek Sharma is CEO of Movable Ink, provider of contextual email technology that delivers dynamic content that changes in real-time, according to the context of each email recipient.

LinkedIn: Vivek Sharma

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  • by Janice Wed Jun 14, 2017 via web

    Best loyalty program to date is Walmart's Savings Catcher. Clear value for the customer, gamification, easy to use and redeem and Walmart receives huge amounts of data.

  • by Kerry Wed Jun 14, 2017 via web

    Super helpful article that got my brain going on ideas today. Love the loyalty email angle because it's not something you think a lot about. Thanks, Vivek!!

  • by Linda Allen Wed Jun 14, 2017 via web

    I really like this portion of your article: "Another way to increase engagement is to incorporate social media into your email campaigns. Add a live social media feed to make your customers feel they're part of a larger community, all the while fueling your emails with content that's always fresh and timely."

    I will begin doing this immediately. Thanks!

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