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Millennials are expected to outnumber members of any other generation in the USA this year. Defined by Pew Research Center as those born between 1981 and 1996, Millennials constitute a large segment of the market in virtually every industry—including yours, whether you're selling the latest fashion, tech, life insurance, or anything in between.

How can savvy marketers make the most of this opportunity? What's the best way to reach out to the Millennial market? What kind of message is most likely to resonate?

This article will help you create a cold email strategy that'll appeal to Millennials and drive responses.

(A caveat: Send cold emails only if your recipients are US-based. Sending cold emails to recipients in Canada and Europe, for example, is illegal.)

Why send cold email?

Is cold email even a valid strategy anymore? Shouldn't we be reaching out to Millennials on social media or creating viral videos and hashtag-worthy images?

Although social media is popular with Millennials, they're still spending a significant amount of time in their inbox. In fact, Adobe's consumer email survey found 44% of those age 25-34 preferred to be contacted by brands over email, compared with just 9% who preferred social media channels. I'd still recommend using social media to grow brand awareness, but it's clear that emails are still the best way to get in touch with Millennials.

Here are four steps to take for a successful cold email campaign.

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