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One-quarter (25%) of online Americans strongly agree that a brand's presence on Facebook signals that it's interested in hearing what customers have to say, and another 51% of somewhat agree with that statement, according to a survey from Polaris Marketing Research.

In addition, 9% of surveyed online Americans strongly agree they tend to think more highly of a brand's products and services when the brand has a Facebook page; 33% somewhat agree with that statement.

Below, additional findings from a survey of 1,000 online American adults, conducted by Polaris Marketing Research.

More than one-half (53%) of online Americans say they have "liked" a brand's Facebook page in the previous 60 days, whereas only 15% have "unliked" a brand's page.

In addition to liking brands' Facebook pages, one-quarter (25%) of online Americans say they have posted a comment to a brand's Facebook page in the previous 60 days.

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But Facebook activity varies by gender and age.

Overall, women interact more with brands on Facebook and are more likely than men to have performed the following activities in the previous 60 days:

  • Like a brand's Facebook page: 62% of women have done so vs. 44% of men
  • Unlike a brand on Facebook: 18% vs. 11%
  • Comment on a brand's Facebook page: 30% vs. 20%

Meanwhile, younger adults are more active with brands on Facebook, particularly in the numbers of brands they support:

  • 72% of adults age 18-24 have liked a brand in the previous 60 days as have 76% of those age 25-34.
  • 35% of adults age 18-24 have posted a comment on a brand's page in the previous 60 days, as have 40% of those age 25-34.

About the data: Polaris conducted online surveys with a representative sample of 1,000 American consumers during the week of July 18, 2011.

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