People who shop via smartphone expect mobile websites to deliver fast and easy interactions loaded with rich content, and most (80%) mobile shoppers are willing to abandon mobile sites when confronted with a bad experience, according to a study by Limelight Networks.

Faced with a poor experience on a mobile research or shopping website: 

  • 62% of consumers abandon the experience and return to the site via desktop at a later date.
  • 18% of consumers abandon the experience and seek other brands (websites) via mobile device.
  • 20% of consumers complete their mobile experience, but tend not to return to the site if possible. 

Below, additional findings from a survey of smartphone owners conducted by Limelight Networks.

Mobile Shopping Stats

Among the 771 smartphone owners surveyed, two-thirds (520, or 67.4%) have used their device to shop online; among them: 

  • 83% have researched and purchased a product on a shopping site using their Internet-connected mobile device.
  • 17% have simply researched products on a shopping site using their Internet-connected mobile device. 

One-third (34%) of those who use Internet-connected mobile devices to research and purchase products on shopping sites purchase once every 1-2 months or very often (more than once a week), whereas 33% purchase occasionally (once every 3-6 months).

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Expectations for Mobile Shopping Features

Asked to rank which features help make their mobile shopping experiences favorable, smartphone users reported the following: 

  • 88% ranked the time it takes for the site to load or appear on the screen as extremely important or important.
  • 88% ranked providing detailed product images on the site (for example, "zoom in" product photography or product videos) as extremely important or important.
  • 82% ranked mobile site optimization, or how the site appropriately fits the screen (for example, no side-to-side scrolling), as extremely important or important.

About the data: Findings are from a survey of 771 smartphone users (iOS, Android, and Windows operating system (OS) and/or who own a tablets), conducted in October 2011. 

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