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AutoZone is the US retailer using social media most effectively, followed by BJ's Wholesale Club, Wal-Mart, Costco, and Walgreens, according to a recent analysis by Blueocean Market Intelligence.

The rest of retailers ranking in the report's top 10 for social media effectiveness are IKEA, Bed Bath & Beyond,, Ralphs, and Dollar Tree.

The group compiled its rankings by examining six factors:

  1. Share of Voice: The number of conversations about a company compared with its competitors.
  2. Engagement Rate: The number of interactions relative to the number of fans.
  3. Customer Touch Rate: The number of acknowledgements/replies provided by the brand in comparison with the total number of issues raised on Facebook and Twitter.
  4. Influencers: The number of people in the brand's network on Twitter who have high reach, relevance, and resonance.
  5. Advocates: The number of people who are recommending the brand/product/service on social channels.
  6. Net Sentiment: Whether consumer comments about the brand on social media are positive or negative.

The following is the report's list of the top 40 most effective US retailers on social media, as well as rankings by industry category:

Most Effective Retailers on Social Media by Industry Category

About the research: The report ranked US retailers' effectiveness on social media based on six factors: Share of voice, engagement rate, customer touch rate, number of influencers, number of advocates, and net sentiment.

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