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More than half (53%) of US consumers say they will use a mobile device to research or purchase products this holiday season, according to a recent report from Burst Media.

Among this group of active mobile researchers/shoppers, 59% say they will use their devices to assist in making holiday online purchases, and 46% say they will do so to help with offline purchases.

Women are much more likely than men to say they will conduct product research on their mobile devices to assist in making an online purchase (63% versus 52%).

One-third of consumers surveyed who research/shop via mobile say will make holiday gift purchases directly from their devices—with more men than women (40% vs. 28%) reporting they will do so.

Most consumers with smartphones/tablets also plan to use their mobile devices during the holiday season to compare product prices (62% expect to) and read product reviews (54%).

Below, additional key findings from the report, which was based on data from a survey conducted in October 2014 of 786 US adults age 18 or older.

In-Store Mobile Usage 

  • 50% of respondents say they plan to use their mobile devices inside physical retail locations to help make holiday purchasing decisions.
  • 54% will use their mobile devices to research and compare prices of different stores, with more women than men (58% vs. 48%) saying they will do so.
  • The gender divide is even greater regarding the second most-cited in-store mobile behavior: 60% of women vs. 33% of men say they will turn to mobile devices in retail locations to access coupons or sales promotion codes.

Why Consumers Shop Online

  • 25% of respondents say their favorite reason for holiday shopping digitally is that it's "relaxed" and helps them avoid stress.
  • The second most popular reason for online holiday shopping (18% of respondents) is convenience, with more women than men (22% vs. 14%) citing it as their favorite reason.

About the research: The report was based on data from a survey conducted in October 2014 of 786 US adults age 18 or older.

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