Omnichannel loyalty (OCL) is "an enterprise-level initiative to drive, track, measure, and reward incremental behavior throughout the enterprise and customer experience," according to a Kobie Marketing infographic on OCL.

With OCL, companies engage customers with personalized messages at each touchpoint across various channels. The businesses also offer rewards for customers' loyalty, which often results in lifelong brand loyalty.

Unfortunately, most businesses ignore the big data needed to drive an OCL initiative. Only 10% of real-time data is used, which means myriad missed opportunities.

However, if more companies really understood the importance of giving customers the right offer at the right time, they'd use data to find out just when those times are... and how to best engage their customers.

The following infographic covers missed opportunities, the "always addressable consumer," the importance of delivering lifetime value, the role of social media in OCL, and more.


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