MarketingProfs Open House | November 21, 2019
Open House

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Planning Your Email Marketing Campaign

Before you write the first word of your first message, you need to plan. Learn the ins and outs of planning an email campaign.

Creating Assets for Your Email Marketing Campaign

Every message you write deserves care and attention, because that's what will inspire results. Learn how subject lines, graphics, and writing, all work together.

Kicking Off Your Email Marketing Campaign

Email marketing campaigns have so many moving parts it can feel overwhelming. Get a firm grip on those parts, and take your email campaigns to a new level of success.

Analyzing the Results of Your Email Marketing Campaign

Email offers an endless number of opportunities for testing, tweaking, and improving. Learn to gather, analyze, and interpret that data.

Planning Your Content Marketing Campaign

Every good content marketing program starts with a plan. Learn to put the ultimate content marketing campaign together in just 90 minutes!

Creating and Testing Assets for Your Content Marketing Campaign

Do you need help in creating content and analyzing its effectiveness? We'll show you the quickest way to get a constant stream of content to your audience.

Kicking Off Your Content Marketing Campaign

Get all your ducks in a row (and all your assets in place) before you launch your content marketing campaign. Learn the two key steps (that most marketers miss) that will ensure success.

Analyzing the Results of Your Content Marketing Campaign

Learn foolproof ways to set up your data for easy analysis and real-time campaign optimization, as well as how to dazzle stakeholders with your reporting skills.

Planning for Effective Demand Generation

Good planning allows your demand gen campaign to grow your company's bottom line—and avoid many common pitfalls that so many organizations encounter.

Creating Content for Effective Demand Generation

Developing content for each personae allows for much more targeted marketing. We'll help you understand buyer purchase paths to ensure your campaigns succeed!

Communicating Your Demand Generation Programs and Campaigns

Make sure your demand gen campaigns are reaching the right people, at the right times, with the right messages.

Analyzing Your Demand Generation Programs and Campaigns

In less than two hours you'll learn how moving to a data-driven analysis model will help contribute directly to the financial growth of your organization.

Planning Your Account-Based Marketing Efforts

ABM requires a lot of up-front planning, communication with your sales teams, and target account identification. We'll show you quick and easy ways to do so.

Creating Personalized Account-Based Marketing Programs

ABM is not a one-size-fits-all process. Learn to efficiently create content that's specific to the needs of each of your target accounts.

Orchestrating and Communicating Your Account-Based Marketing Campaigns

ABM requires having multiple campaigns running per account. We'll help you ensure that your communication is clear and on-brand, across many different touchpoints.

How Well Are You Connecting: Analyzing Engagement Across Target Accounts

Collecting data, interpreting information, adjusting your course, and presenting information is just a little different with account-based marketing. Learn the nuances in just 90 minutes!

Know Your Customer (and Reap the Rewards)

Identify your ideal customers (and get to know your existing acounts) using search, social, analytics, and more.

The Six Secrets to Successful Influencer Campaigns

Learn to with trusted influencers in your industry to spark awareness, elevate your brand, boost sales, increase loyalty, and build your business.

Marketing Automation Made Easy

Take the fear out of marketing automation. Learn quick and easy ways to put MA to work for you in this brand new course.

Attracting, Compensating, and Retaining Top Marketing Talent

Looking to build your own marketing dream team? This is it. Learn how smart hiring, compensation, and development can turn your team into superheroes.

A Scientific Approach to Metrics, Measurement, and Marketing ROI

Take one pinch of metrics, a dash of number crunching, and a heaping helping of data analysis and you'll get a taste of what Chris Penn brings to this course.


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