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Topic: Advertising/PR

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Hutch Communication Plan

Posted by Anonymous on 125 Points
hi!! i am working on a project aiming to highlight the changes in the communication (advertising) over a period of say 2-3 years.

I need to get info. about HUTCH's communication over a period mentioned above. Please suggest some sites or post ur comment if u have any info.

Thanx... Sri...
  • Posted on Member
    what part of the world are you in? hutch where
  • Posted by Puru Gupta on Accepted
    If you have to study the communication plan of Hutch, you need to delve into 2 media primarily -

    a) Billboard Campaigning - the Metier of Hutch, with the "Hi!" Campaign earlier, and now the Sponsorship of the Delhi Half Marathon, adding to their Viral Campaign.

    b) TV Media Campaign - with the Celebrity Endorsements and new offerings!

    For Billboard Campaigning, Hutch launched the Viral Campaign with their "Hi!" Hutch Billboards, and the famous dog 'Pug' as their endorsement.
    Apart from this, for their latest campaign you can also refer to the latest entry on My Blog, the link to which you can get from my Profile (Apologies, cannot paste it here!) by clicking on my Name.

    For the TV Campaign, Hutch (in India) has used Rahul Dravid, Mr Dependable, as their Celebrity Endorsee. Dravid, being the most coveted Indian Batsmen, in terms of Trust, was used primarily to attribute "Trust" and "Dependability" to the Hutch Brand.

    Apart from this, over the past 2-3 years, Hutch has made the following changes -

    1) Co-branding with Major Occasions - Cricket Tournaments and Delhi Marathon, that ensure high visibility
    2) Viral Campaigning, ensuring high Recall
    3) Increasing its Distribution Network, and opening exclusive showrooms, and
    4) Attacking the Market leader by offering its products at lower and lately, Variable Price points

    These were few of the inputs I could think of.
    Hope this helps!
  • Posted by sham on Accepted
    good post by puru,
    just to add to his suggestion,

    Hutch, has tried to create an image in the minds of the customers that its netwok is all over the country " we follow you like Pug" and dependable by means of clarity, etc by using Dravid Mr. dependable of indian cricke.
    Recently the Reacent add if you have observed, they also try to project as easy available and affordable prepaid company by launching Rs. 50, Rs25, and Rs. 10 recharge cards and the add also depicts same. They are trying to woo the low income group and college students who have a urge to go for a mobile and many a times are unable because of affordability. with new strategy, they are trying to attract these customers into their fold and another plus point is full talk time on these cards.

    hope this helps you.
  • Posted by mohitchhabra on Accepted
    Hi Srivatsa
    To look at a company's ad campaign in isolation can give you a tunnel vision.

    Going back in time, it is important to superimpose the Hutch's entry into the Indian market and work forward.

    The Hi! campaign was iconic in the fact that it very effectively rebranded Essar into Hutch giving the brand a more contemporary and modern look and feel.

    The most oft cited and widely recalled campaign is the Cheeka (that's the pug's name) campaign. What it did for Hutch was not quite evident but it certainly shot up the market value of pugs and led to a host of copies (A popular drink copied the commercial rather tackily.) But nonetheless it further strengthened the Hutch recall and in sent home the message of wide coverage through subtle use of humor and appeal to emotions. Why I particularly liked the campaign was there was no mention of reach, technology and all the associated telecom babble.

    Hutch's Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) is higher than the industry wide ARPU. This is largely as a consequence of its higher value add services contribution to ARPU. But that strategy is unlikely to continue because India continues to be a voice market. This is strengthened by the fact that majority of the handsets sold in India are entry level.

    The new Hutch campaign featuring Irfan Khan tries to appeal to this very user. It also tries to displace the commonly held belief that pre paid services are expensive (because of hidden costs.) The campaign has commercials that appeal to variety of customer segments.

    I hope this helps you builds on the information that you are looking for.
    Mohit Chhabra

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