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Why Is Branding Important?

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I would like to ask the following question....if you have a good the right branding really that important?
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  • Posted by wnelson on Accepted
    Branding is something that happens kind of naturally. Branding is what people think of when they hear the name of your product and/or company. They can associate good quality, good product, edgy, new, old, stodgy....many things. The key to good branding is to control that impression to be what you want it to be and to make sure that the "brand" agrees with your position statement - what you want the company and product to be.

    If the product is good and the price is right, you can make decisions on promotion - advertise, don't advertise and get word out via word of mouth - whatever your choice. This is a separate decision from branding decisions. You can chose to promote the brand, the company, or not. What is important is to decide up front your position (in the form of a position statement):
    • Placement within a market segment
    • Placement of the product relative to other products categories and application
    • Placement versus competitors' products
    • Placement of the product in terms of features and benefits

    And then, if you want to promote the brand or not, establish the brand parameters so that they follow the position statement up front. If you don't do this and sometime down the road you decide to promote a brand, you will have to work harder, spend more money, and it will take longer to put it together. Below I have listed branding pieces that are key and I put optional by ones that can be added later:
    • Name (unique product name or the company name - choose which to use)
    • Logo (optional)

    • Product characteristics - colors, features, quality

    • packaging and packaging characteristics (colors, font styling, logo and logo placement)

    • Collateral material (brochures, corporate newsletter, website, etc - decide how your product will be portrayed)

    • Tag lines (optional)

And then, once this is established, consistency is the key. It's the consistency that drives the impression into the minds of the customers.

I hope this helps.

  • Posted by michael on Member
    Branding can accomplish 2 things (actually more, but assuming you have a good brand)
    1) Allow you to charge more than the average market price
    2) Increased sales when there is not perceivable difference between competing products.

    On the other hand, if you have a great product and can communicate why it's the right choice for your prospects, don't spend tall cash on "branding". As stated above, it'll happen naturally.

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    Sure. As social animals we judge ourselves by the clothes we wear, the people we are with , what we use etc. Brands just enhance this abiility to "help us" judge ourselves or others ( I am not meaning in a bad way , but in an evaluative sense). So this aspect of human behaviour has been captilised on /used intelligently by people who create brands and in a way required in a social context.
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    I like Isabelle's quickly-answered questions; branding is not just about HOW you do it, but WHY. As others mentioned, branding happens regardless of what you do, it is much better to know what you're trying to identify your product or service with...which is ultimately a reflection of your company. That is why conscious branding is important.

    Good luck,
    Debi Brady
    Writing & Marketing Consultant
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