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Topic: Career/Training

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How To Write A Proposal For A Raise And Promotion?

Posted by Anonymous on 125 Points
How to write a proposal for a raise and promotion?

I have been to this company about 3 years, an assistant in position and never had a raised and promotion...

But now i have changed a new boss in the same company, and he request a proposal as i would be a secretary to him and good wages...

So how do write a great proposal for a raise and promotion to my new boss??

Please write to me short essays and samples??

Thanks a lot...

  • Posted on Accepted
    Dear Boss,
    I have worked for this company for 3 years now. During this time I have learned a number of new skills which make me a more valuable employee.
    These are:
    (spell out the skills)
    In addition to these skills I have learned the company system so that I can handle regular and irregular events more effectively. An couple of examples of these are:
    In January 2005 I ....... and last week I was able to ....

    With this proven track record, I feel I can make a bigger contribution to the company if I were moved into a role with more responsibility. It would be my hope that this position would also carry additional compensation for me.

    Frank Hurtte
  • Posted by marilia.zanim on Accepted
    I would say: "Here are 10 reasons because I can be a great secretary:
    (put some of your skills, put motivation, attitude...)

    And then would finish saying how glad I am of having this oportunity and how I was expecting his approval.

    Good Luck!
  • Posted by MANSING on Accepted
    Hi Yunpei Chang,

    Your boss is asking you indirect CV ( or Job Application cover letter) regarding work contribution, you have done in last 3 years for your company. He wants to judge your strength, weaknesses and wants to give you more opportunities.

    You should write following things:

    Demonstrate that you have good strategic judgment by the way you manage your own time and priorities
    Promoted person you want to be - start doing the things, and behaving in the way, that (good) higher level people do.
    Discuss other new ideas and projects with your boss.
    Think about how you can help the organisation to be better, in ways that you enjoy
    Define changes that contain benefits and improvements for all
    Organisations don't want problems and cap-in-hand requests - they want positive constructive thoughtful solutions, recommendations and ideas.

    I hope this will help!


    M Bhor
  • Posted on Accepted
    Start with writing a resume, as if you are applying for the job from the outside...not as an employee. Your OBJECTIVE statement should read like you are the PERFECT fit for the job of being the new boss' assistant. The key here is to show that even if you didn't already work for him, he'd still want to hire you. No one wants their employees to slack off and not appreciate the work they're getting paid to do. Add to this resume a cover letter which clearly asks for a competitive compensation package. Show that you've researched the company and other's in it who are doing the kind of job you're 'applying' for...and you should suitably impress him!

    Good luck
    Debi Brady
    Writing & Marketing Consultant

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