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Topic: Student Questions

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Coupon Push Or Pull

Posted by Anonymous on 125 Points
I am wondering if a coupon is considered push or pull marketing. If it is push, how would it be used as such?

My teacher has told our class that coupons are push marketing. Through my understanding they seem to generally be pull marketing since they are generally used to boost sales on mature products that are already well distributed.

  • Posted by wnelson on Accepted
    Your definition of "pull" marketing is something different than I know. And unless you misunderstood your teacher, he/she is using some definition I'm not aware of. The classical definition of pull marketing is that which is aimed at enticing the customer to buy the product. Ads, coupons, direct mail, telemarketing...these are pull marketing. Push marketing is aimed at the distributors, retailers, and sales channel and is aimed at getting them to take more product independent of end customer sales. You push the product into the channel and then you take actions to get customers to pull the product out of the channel. Here's a brief explanation and example:

    I hope this helps.

  • Posted on Member
    I can only imagine that in an attempt to "push" a specific product, the coupon is introduced to pull the customer to that particular product. Thus, it would be a push-pull strategy.

  • Posted by MonMark Group on Accepted
    You stated that you made a decision simply due to your research document. Others may think this is dangerous, but I think it is bold, and perhaps not a solid use of decision-making. Just because it is in a book, doesn't make it workable for every person who reads it.

    And the more I read your post, the more I believe you are involved with the term: Analysis-Paralysis. You think too you can validate your decisions. Many markting decisions are made due to experience, or just a gut feeling.

    IF this is the first won't be perfect...or, close to it. Capture names and your schpleel and go home.


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