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Topic: Student Questions

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Launching Foot Heel Cream & Antifungal Itch Cream

Posted by Anonymous on 250 Points
i am abhishek, a marketing student.this forum is a treasured learning source for pple like me, thnks to the gr8 mind participating doing my summer internship at a major fmcg and have been assigned new prod launch project - foot cream ala krack and anti fungal Itch cream ala ITCHGAURD

paras pharma is a major player in these OTC categories as a pioneer with strong positioning and chemist dist enjoys undisputed brand recall thnks to its almost 30% spending on advertising.

i would definately undertake formal research bt i m looking forward to sniors here to guide me and give me insights and tips. how to frame the questionaaire n stuff

also if any1 can help me with sample research and new prod launch project in FMCG/related thn it would be helpful.

  • Posted by Puru Gupta on Accepted
    Paras Pharma is a case study in itself, and am sure you would already have access to the marketing campaigns and investments of the company and the activation strategies it follows, for its OTC category.

    If you are looking at new product launch in the category you mentioned, then you would understand that your biggest challenge would be to understand the consumer's latent needs and his requirements - something which paras pharma has mastered over time.

    Designing the questionnaire would be a difficult task - but even before that, I admit that I do not think this is the best mode of research for you. It is quite possible (and please correct me if you think otherwise) that you would be able to get data on usage pattern, consumption frequency, and daily life cycles to identify an opportunity for your company, with the help of questionnaires.

    What you should be doing is FGDs and PIs of the TGs that you are addressing. This would help you in identifying gaps in the market, than look at what consumers are asking for, explicitly. Also, you would need to be careful on which gaps are already being addressed by you / your competitors, and design strategies accordingly.

    Please feel free to get in touch, in case you need any pointers on the same.

    Hope this helps.
  • Posted on Author
    hi puru ,

    thanks for ur response.its true tht mere survey would nt yield much insights. i have also spoken to users indepth and uncovered few important attributes which ill ty and quantify through the survey.
    as regard competitior's data , i cant find much on the internet and my organization doesnt have the ORG data on it too...thy say we buy it as and whn needed.right now im just a summer intern so i dont evn know if this is a live project or professional FGD's etc are also not possible in my available resoruces.

    bt i have some pointers in working on it.

    can u tell me abt urself.r u with an fmcg and wht profile

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