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Topic: Student Questions

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Regarding Pestle Analysis

Posted by Anonymous on 25 Points
upon doing PESTLE analysis,
1) do we analysis PESTLE factors base on a country?
2) do we do 2 analysis if there is 2 countries?

For example,

PESTLE Analysis for Macdonald

Socio-Cultural factor
US - In US, the lifestyles of the people are modernized with high standard of living. Fast food are generally acceptable and highly/frequently consumed.

China - In China, only a small portion is modernized and the rest rather in a more traditional lifestyle. Fast food is regarded as junk food and not neccesary.

Can i present my PESTLE Analysis in this format?

  • Posted on Accepted
    PESTLE analysis can look at macro factors like country or micro factors like a particular institution or individual. You need to look at what is important now, what will likely be important in future and what are the factors that will influence any CHANGES.

    In your McDonald's example, the lifestyle change that could happen in China as the population becomes more mobile and time-pressed, is that they value convenience over nutrition or taste. Or the impact of Western influence will be that brands like McDonald's are more accepted by the general populace.

    Be careful that you don't mix editorial with analysis. If you say that "fast food is regarded as junk food and not necesary" that is an opinion until you back it up with fact.

    I could argue that fast food is NOT regarded as junk food and IS necessary - this is why there is such a high growth of fast food outlets in China.

    To prevent your reader (or professor) from being able to argue like this, you should ensure you stick to the facts and not include your opinion unless you can support it with facts.

    Good luck,

    ethnicomm inc.
  • Posted by Carl Crawford on Accepted

    The above link is a PESTE template. It explains how to use it and where it came from.

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