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Topic: Student Questions

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Compare And Contrast The Strategies Of Two Compani

Posted by Anonymous on 250 Points
Compare and Contrast the Strategies Of two Companies.One of the companies is competing on Price and the other is competing on Innovation.Compare and Contrast these two strategies.Also can you think of two real companies which are currently working in the same marketplace that are competing like this?which strategy is better? Price or Innovation?

  • Posted on Member

    We can't do your homework for you :)

    Hopefully this helps to point you in the right direction:

    What are the pros and cons of competing on price? When does it make sense? Think of companies that are competing on price - are they winning or losing? Why are they winning - at who's expense? If they are losing, who are they losing to? What strategy is the winning competitor utilizing?

    What are the pros and cons of competing on innovation? When does it make sense? Same questions as above.

    Is there a commonality between the two?
    What are the key differences? Does the same strategy work for all companies? Does it work for the same company at all times (when the company is just starting out vs a mature company)? Think about the product life cycle and what is required.

    If you can work on those, it will help you answer the question on which strategy is better.

    Good luck,

    ethnicomm inc.

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