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Topic: Student Questions

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Example Of Marketing Research Plan

Posted by Anonymous on 125 Points
I'm doing a marketing research plan with a go-green theme for a school business club. I wrote one recently with my partner, but we really had no idea what we were doing at the time.

This time we have a better idea but I'd still like to see examples of marketing research plans.

So my real question is if there are any examples of marketing research plans out there that I could look at? Like case studies?

  • Posted on Accepted

    I've done marketing research unit ages ago. But in the spirit of the forum, I'm obliged to post it here, so that students can have an actual attempt by themselves and learn.

    My project was to conduct a marketing research for a charity org.

    Below is the table of content for my report and also I've pasted the Executive summary to let you have a feel of what the report was trying to achieve.

    Table of Contents

    1)Executive Summary:
    In the competitive business environment it is imperative for any organisation to ensure that its knowledge of the market place in which it completes is at a premium. In order to maximise market knowledge, organisations will often complete market research to make certain that any changes to the markets in which they compete are noted; and necessary changes in business organisation and management can be carried out.

    This report will specifically try to address Anglicares management concerns with regard to an apparent decline in the acquisition rate of new donors and retention of existing ones. After an investigation into the current situation, further exploratory research was applied to the problems and cost-benefit analysis for marketing research was performed. Specific research questions and objectives were determined along with effective methods of gathering information and analysing the market.

    2a)Charity Overview
    2c)Donations to Anglicare
    2d)Decline in Donations from the Elderly
    2e)Market Research Funding

    3)Competitor SWOT Analysis

    4)Exploratory Research
    4a)Initial Assumptions
    4b)Providing ‘Top-Level’ Answers

    5)Required Information

    6)Primary Research

    7)Survey Methods

    8a)Market Research Application


    Hope these helps,

  • Posted by steven.alker on Accepted
    The Marketing Experiments Journal has a pretty comprehensive guide to setting out market research plans. You will need to take a basic subscription which I believe is still free.


    Best wishes

    Steve Alker
    Unimax Solutions

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