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Topic: Student Questions

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Importance Of Marketing In An Organization

Posted by Anonymous on 250 Points
full details of importance of marketing in an organisation

  • Posted by sham on Accepted
    Hi burol,

    Marketing Promotes your company - builds awareness that you exist

    » Describes your products/services - let’s people know what you do

    » Announces new products/services

    » Differentiates your offerings from competitors

    » Brings qualified prospects to you

    » Helps build professional networks

    » Marketing = Corporate strategy: aligning company goals with customer needs

    » Keeps staff in the loop & motivated to work for your company

    » Keeps you up to date on industry trends

    » Let’s you know which offerings are most in line with customer objectives

    » Let’s you know which offerings aren’t working & should be dropped

    » Gives you ideas for future offerings

    » Positions you/your firm as expert in specialty area

    a very similar question was asked in the forum earlier please go to
    you will get lot of information.

    There is another interesting link

    hope this helps you.
  • Posted on Accepted
    Marketing is the activity that defines customer needs for the company and defines the relevance of the company to its customers in terms of their needs.

    Thus, marketing is the customer interface of a company, and that makes it all-important.

    Sure hope this helps. All the best!

  • Posted on Accepted
    It really depends which industry/situation the organization is in on how marketing can contribute because it emcompasses many activities spreading across various disciplines - psychology, accounting etc.

    I quote my favourite lecturer "Marketing is about creating the optimum environment for profitable sales."

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