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Topic: Taglines/Names

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Ideas For A Name For Window Washing Business

Posted by Anonymous on 250 Points

Myself and a business partner are starting a window washing business. We are motived, in our 20's, and see this as a long-term opportunity with plans for growth around our area.

A name I think suits our company well but is taken:

Squeegee Squad

Look forward to your name & motto ideas!

  • Posted by saul.dobney on Accepted



    Gleaming Guys

    Top Mops/Mop Tops

    Buff Up Boys
  • Posted on Accepted
    Don't fret. Squeegee Squad may sound cute, but it says very little about what that company does. On the other hand,

    Squeegee Window Experts, or

    Squeegee Window Pros, or

    Squeegee Window Specialists

    all do. Give them some thoughts. There's a similar service in a huge senior living center near where I live. That's where window washers make most of their money.

    My observation is that non-seniors tend to do their own windows, or let them go undone for very long periods. This situation is likely to be even more pronounced as the economy continues to tank, so keep that in mind. Good luck.

  • Posted on Accepted
    Clearview Window Washing

    Window Wizards

  • Posted on Author
    Terrific advice!

    How about Squeegee Men ?
  • Posted by Jay Hamilton-Roth on Accepted
    Windows That Shine
    Ship Shape Windows
    No More Pane
    We Do Windows
  • Posted by Mikee on Accepted
    Squeaky Clean
    Two Guys and a Squeegee
    Crystal Clear Window Cleaning
    Clear Vision Window Cleaners
    Vanishing Glass Window Cleaners
    Invisible Glass Window Cleaners - Windows So Clean You will Forget They are There

  • Posted by MonMark Group on Accepted
    I don't think you need to be "catchy", as many believe. I think you should do something like "Mike and Bob's Window Cleaners" and add a tagline, "A Better View on The World".
  • Posted by mdlugozima on Accepted
    Clearly Better
    Seymour Clearly & Sons
    The View Crew
  • Posted on Accepted
    Clean Sweep
    The Window Gang
    Window Wizards
    The Window Washers
    Clear View Windows

    Hope this helps!
  • Posted on Author
    how about Mr. Squeegee ?

    or Squeegee Brothers
  • Posted by mdlugozima on Member
    If you MUST have squeegee in the name, try:

    The Squee Gees

    Release a greatest hits album:

    How Deep Is Your Dirt
    More Than A Washing
    How Can You Mend A Broken Pane

  • Posted on Accepted
    Clear panes?,

    Clearly Superior Washing

    See Clearly Now, the Pane is Washed

  • Posted on Accepted
    "I Can See Clearly Now"

    "On A Clear Day"

    "Have Sponge, Will Travel"

    "Two Guys And A Sponge"

    "Unstained Glass"

    Or if you want to REALLY stand out:

    "A Pane In The Glass"

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