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Topic: Branding

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New Slogan For Oil And Gas Industry Banner

Posted by Anonymous on 250 Points
I am putting together a banner for tradeshows for the oil & gas industry. I have this concept that I need to fully flush out and need some help.

In the oil and gas industry, companies need to map, locate and manage their assets in a GIS (geographical Information System) database. My company helps by creating a "total" solution from Office to field and back.

The crowd is typically straight-laced but a year ago I did a concept for our field server (web database portal) and had a field technician holding a silver platter with the product on it. This added a little humor and caught peoples attention. It also gave our product a "face".

So I want this new idea to come across professional, yet creative.

Concept: Knowing where your O&G assets are is more precious than diamonds. Trust in our technology to keep track of your assets. Cutting-edge GPS mapping solutions to map and manage your field assets.

I was thinking we could have our product surrounded by diamonds to enforce the analogy. I chose diamonds because diamonds are historically very precious and hard to find. Any ideas on how to word-smith and make this a little bit better?

Also, would surrounding our product with diamonds, would I run the risk for people assuming we are expensive at first glimpse? If so, do you have other ideas for an analogy?

Thanks for the help!

  • Posted by gerylrose on Member
    You may want to give it more context to make it clearer, such as having an image of a safe deposit box pulled out with your product in it, possibly surrounded by diamonds or other important things. "Do you know where your most precious assets are?" and the image. (A take off on the old "Do you know where your children are?" ads) You should test the image a couple of ways with potential customers to see how they react to it.
  • Posted by Jay Hamilton-Roth on Member
    Diamonds may connote a higher-end offering, but also connotes precious-ness. However, I wonder about confusing your audience O&G with diamonds. Will they think that you're really selling your services to diamond miners?

    Instead, how about playing off "Where's Waldo?" (perhaps introducing a new character for your company) and showing that knowing where's "Waldo" is vital for your company's financial health.
  • Posted by stlubahn on Member
    The use of GIS is not just to local the pipelines and assets, but also to manage the pipelines for corrosion and other preventive maintenance. What you are really providing is a platform for the users to make management decisions on spending, and to factor into their risk assessment models.

    Can you some how tie this risk aversion to the value you provide? The testers the run down the pipes are called "pigs", can you use a pig put a "face" on what you are providing? With the price of gold at a high point, maybe consider a theme that ties in to gold vs. diamonds?
  • Posted by Ghost Writer on Member
    Here are some concepts to play with -

    1) A needle in a haystack. You could have an actual pile of hay on a table with a robot hand that reaches in (actually, behind the hay) and comes out holding a needle. In other words, you help them meet difficult challenges.

    2) Hen's teeth. They obviously don't exist (hence the saying), but you could have a big container full of small white candies and invite passers-by at the show to help themselves to handful. Sure, hen's teeth are supposed to be the hardest things in the world to find, but we at ABC are so good that we can find the impossible by the barrel-ful.

    3) Remote control robot. Everyone loves watching a robot with 'personality' interact with people. Get the high-end model from a top-notch toy or electronics store, decorate it with your name/logo and have a smart employee (you?) hidden nearby to operate it. Let the robot be the one to come up to people, politely tap them on the leg and present your company's card or info package. Put up a big sign inviting people to meet "GISelle" the robot and have their picture taken with "her". That way, they have to give you their card to get the photo sent to them and you build up your database at the same time.

    4) Toy drills. Find a cheap source (you can probably get them for a dime apiece from an overseas manufacturer) and affix a sticker with your name/logo/website and a tag line such as "ABC Inc. - when you're through playing around with your GIS". Have people in rig worker outfits, but with toy helmets and tool belts on handing them out.

    ~ Ghost Writer ~
  • Posted on Author
    Thanks for all of the comments. I like the gold versus diamonds concept--it does tie into the current economic trends.
    stlubahn, one of our clients actually has done a lot with a pig and having it animated and such.
    With the gold concept, does anyone have ideas on the tag line?
    My first thoughts:
    Our product offers it weight in gold.
    Treat Your Assets like Gold
    Any thoughts?
  • Posted by stlubahn on Accepted
    I like treat your assets like gold better.

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