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Topic: Student Questions

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Outcome 1 : Explain The Marketing Process

Posted by Anonymous on 25 Points
plzzzzzzzz help me this assignment must be submit by tomorrow

Unit: marketing
Outcome 1 : explain the marketing process

You work in the marketing department of an organization of your choice
You hoe been asked o prepare an induction briefing paper for anew marketing officer who as just joined the company. He is a biology graduate with no marketing experience
The briefing paper should:
a. Examine, compare and contrast different definitions of marketing
b. Explain the various philosophies/concepts marketing
c. conduct a cost/benefit analysis to an organization of following the marketing concept

You have also been asked to give a 5-10 minute presentation at the new trainee’s induction session relating the definition and marketing concept to your organization with an evaluation of the costs and benefits of taking marketing approach.

Explain the marketing process

Prepare a brief report and a presentation
• compare and contrast different definitions of marketing
• explain the different marketing concepts and identify the approach the most closely fits your organization
• conduct a cost/benefit analysis to a company in following the marketing concept
• Identify the most appropriate definition for your organization and the marketing concept the most closely fits your organization.

  • Posted on Author
    pplzzzzzzzz help me this assignment must be submit by tomorrow

  • Posted by Gary Bloomer on Member
    My best advice to you is to read the forum guidelines about how we don't do homework or student assignments. Then, make yourself a big pot of coffee because you'll be pulling an allnighter.
  • Posted by thecynicalmarketer on Member
    I hope that you never end up in a marketing department where I work, even emptying trash cans. You are trying get someone else to do work that you can take credit for, and equally bad, you put it off until the night before. I hope you fail and it inspires you to choose a different field/profession. Consider politics, it could be a good fit for you.
  • Posted by Gary Bloomer on Member
    Another thought:

    Make some effort to help yourself and you'll go farther, learn more, and, when the time comes, you'll have EARNED your degree.

    Brusque? Yes. Harsh? Undoubtedly. Warranted? Yes.

    But necessary because sadly, I am not there to stick my foot firmly up your backside.

    Wise-up young man: you're the next generation of marketing.
    This means that if you carry on in this way: copying, pasting, and coasting your way through the rest of your studies, you'll be of
    no use to an employer.

    It also means that industry and business, the organizations that will be relying on people like you, those organizations will suffer because you'll have no idea what you're doing. Think about this very carefully. Now, go and get some work done.
  • Posted by wnelson on Member

    Unfortunately, you greatly missed the value of this forum! It's not for students to cut and paste their homework here and for the experts with combined eons of experience and educations and prestigious degrees to answer your questions. The value is that you can provide some of your thoughts and we have a discussion based on a academic and theoretical point of view and from hands-on practical application. You just can't get that anywhere else and if you took advantage of it, you'd end up with an education that is unparalleled. You've taken an approach of wanting someone to do your work. This not only is cheating you of being educated at all - but is cheating - an academic ethics violation when someone here provides you with an answer and you misrepresent it as your own. Fayyad, your professors know about this site and actually read it! There's a good chance you will be caught in that ethics violation and and best case, receive no credit for this problem, or the whole assignment, or even be expelled for an ethics violation. That's a big risk to take when all you have to do us utilize your texts, class notes, and the school library to do your own work. And if you augment it with a discussion here of your work and our comments, you would have an outstanding result!

    Please read the Important Guidelines for the forum:

    In particular, please pay attention to #5: Experts are happy to help students explore their thoughts, but they will not do their assignments for them. If you are a student, be sure to share your own ideas along with your question.

    We will not participate in an ethics violation - we're only looking after your best interests. If you care to put your thoughts down here, we would be glad to participate in an intellectual discussion.

  • Posted by michael on Member

    When did you get this?
  • Posted by MonMark Group on Member
    Soooo, you've screwed around for weeks, maybe months, knowing that the kind folks at MarketingProfs can do something like this in their sleep, and're home free.

    You didn't even do your background on us, before you decided to spend your evenings chasing skirts or whatever you did to waste your time. Now, you want to come here and waste our time.

    Since it is due today...I'll make you an offer, if you put 100,000 points on the board, and I'll get started on it, as soon as I can. OK?

    I found it both interesting and funny that you chose to only use 10% of your points for a project that will change your life, as you know it, as far as your educational goals. You are in a panic and you thought 10% of your FREE points was valuable enough for us to get out of bed????

    BTW, were you aware that your professors hang out here, in the forum? Yep, they sure do. They hover and watch to see if their students are bold enough to come here and ask for their homework to be done....ooops.

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