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Topic: E-Marketing

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Wording For "join Our Mailing List"

Posted by KathyAd on 50 Points
I have a question about the wording for my company's "join our mailing list" link. On our previous web site, the wording we used was "subscribe to free email information and offers." I really liked this wording. It was clear you were joining a mailing list, but it also tells the visitor they will gain something by joining our list.

On our new web site, there is only a tiny space for our mailing list wording. Here is some possible wording:

Free email info and offers
Get email info and offers
Join our mailing list

Does anyone have an opinion on this? "Join our mailing list" is much more clear, but I don't really like it. There is no value to the visitor.

  • Posted by Inbox_Interactive on Accepted
    "Join our mailing list" has no benefits attached.

    How about, "Get offers, updates by email"?

  • Posted by Mkter on Accepted
    You say your space for the new join our list is limited - is your site up can you share the url?

    I'm thinking maybe it can be done creatively with a button below this header - "Sign Up for Our Offers"
  • Posted by Jay Hamilton-Roth on Accepted
    "Join Us" is all about your company. Instead consider, "Get Email-Only Offers".
  • Posted by mothicy on Accepted
    What about this - 'What's in it for ME'
  • Posted by MarketingNinja on Accepted
    Join our mailing list is trite. Who wants more email or snail mail.

    All the customer cares about is WIIFM (What's in it for me?) You are in the business of selling benefits, not features.

    Here is what I use for my blog, feel free to create your own version of it...

    Keep In Touch!

    Sign up here for exclusive Sales, Bonuses and Incentives to Blog Subscribers
  • Posted by KathyAd on Author
    Ah, excellent. You all have good points and reinforce what I was thinking.

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