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Topic: Student Questions

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Posted by simy on 62 Points
Hi Guys,

I have to summarise the B2B,B2C,C2C AND G2C this Saturday in Class...I have a vague idea...but can you help me eloquently present to my peers? and not look silly...:-)

P.s- this questinon is important I have exams in December (CIM) and I really need to be on the ball, I'm awarding all the points that I have which is only 62.


  • Posted on Accepted
    While I'm not sure what your question is, I can interpret most of the acronyms:

    B2B--businesses marketing to businesses
    B2C--businesses marketing to consumers
    C2C--? my only guess is consumer to consumer communications?
    G2C--government marketing to consumers

    Perhaps you could clarify what you'll be presenting on Saturday.
  • Posted on Accepted

    Not to worry, this is what we are here for...

    B2B - Business to Business (Think of Cisco or SAP or Oracle - They are a business focused upon selling to businesses that can use their products.)

    B2C - Business to Consumer (Think of your favorite fast food restaurant, snack company, or a company like Sony that is focused on getting you the consumer to buy their products.)

    C2C - Consumer to Consumer (A bit trickier, but think about eBay or Avon where people who buy, also sell to each other.)

    G2C - Government to Consumer (Think of the government selling its used cars or office equipment.)

    Each of these business models has an entirely unique approach to marketing in order to meet its customers' needs.

    By the way, if you only have 62 points, save them for another question later before your exams... You might want to try and earn some points by helping others in the student section.

    Good luck!


    Impact Interactions
    Building Strategic Interactions for Business Online
  • Posted by simy on Author
    Thank you guys,
    I'm am eternally grateful...whenever you are in Trinidad let me know!

  • Posted by simy on Author

    How do these methods work for each in the virtual world though, I thought that these were affiliated with distribution/logistics on the inernet??

  • Posted by Peter (henna gaijin) on Accepted
    The different acronyms (B2B, etc.) are all related to the general process of who is selling to who. Each uses different methods to market, which is why we segment these markets.

    The Internet is just one channel for any of these. It has definitely made some areas much bigger (such as C2C, which prior to Ebay was just people placing classified ads or having garage sales), but the Internet did not cause any of these areas to be created (they all existed prior to the Internet).

    1) the acronyms themselves (not the categories) may have been caused by the Internet. I don't recall having heard these acronyms until Internet companies marketing to businesses (usually Enterprise Software companies - companies selling software to large companies) started using B2B as a buzz word. Then came B2C and so on. I think this was in the 90s.

    2) B2B and B2C are commonly used acronyms. I haven't heard C2C all that much, and G2C I had never heard before.

  • Posted by simy on Author

    I was mis-informed, however how can these methods be utilised effectively on the internet.

    Many Thanks

  • Posted by Chris Blackman on Accepted
    You missed B2G - Business to Government

    C2c is a new one - maybe it's like MLM - Multi-Level Marketing (Think Amway, Nutrimetics)

    These methods of communication, distribution etc work in any channel. Just that some of them are empowered by the internet.

    What did people do before eBay? They put up a sign on a fence, or in a shop window. So they could still do business, albeit on a far more localised basis...

    The internet is a great enabler, but it's not the only enabler.

    Hope this helps...


  • Posted by simy on Author
    Thanks guys,
    You all really helped me alot, I'm trying to win some points so I won't be begging next time...:-)

    Warmest regards
    Simone Brooker

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