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Topic: E-Marketing

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What Is The Market Size For Pill Bottles?

Posted by Anonymous on 250 Points
Making medicine packaging which is both childproof but easy to use has long been a tough design challenge. I am designing a new pill bottle, which has both these attributes, but was wondering what is the exact market size. Also who are the already well established companies producing pill bottles? What range must I produce these bottles to be competitive?

  • Posted by MonMark Group on Accepted
    Get to know GOOGLE, intimately. There are hundreds of manufacturers across the globe. Begin your initial search with the Big "G".

    Then, perhaps come back with specific marketing questions about how you would enter the market and gain share. BE glad to help.

  • Posted on Accepted
    You need to search for information on prescription fills, rather than bottle sizes to get accurate market information. Then look at government and organization sites involved in the pharmacy industry. You should be able to (with some digging) find information on bottle size requirements that way.

    I worked in the pharmacy industry in the US and want to make you aware of two very important points.

    1. Whatever you design has to be very inexpensive, as margins are very tight in the pharmacy field and its hard to justify any increase in bottle costs.
    2. Your product HAS to work with automated dispensing equipment, or you won't get far.

    By the way, exactly what American sites are you going to that you feel are inaccurate or biased? Try out this site, the home of the National Association of Boards of Pharmacies.

    This will give you a great jumping off point to lots of other information.
  • Posted on Member

    I enjoy the opportunity to help people. Especially in my homeland - I was born in Northampton. :)
  • Posted by jose04 on Accepted
    Hello ms518

    THe bottle type and quality will depend on the nature of the medicine dispensed. Glass is the best, but it requires childproofing (plastic coating etc). As Vevolution stated the cost factor will cut the innovative tendency in you. Tapping standardised sources is probably your best option.

    "who are the already well established companies producing pill bottles?"

    If you are interested in a low priced but fairly impressive range option for plastic bottle manufacturing equipments, check this chinese/taiwan link:

    You could get authentic addresses from
    where you can also search for European/UK suppliers

    I suppose you have to dig in deep and get industry references to authenticate the supplier list.

    "what is the exact market size?"

    When making market size estimations is too early, you could start with making mental notes on the bottles produced based on the pharma productivity details in the UK, for various products/lines. Vevolutions advice in this regard should be helpful. In your estimates don't forget the alternative / complementary medicine market. Homeo and naturopathic medicine market can be quite a surprising percentage of the total size.

    Hope these thoughts help!!

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