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Topic: Advertising/PR

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Catchy Slogan For Snacks?

Posted by Anonymous on 250 Points
A sister company of where I work wants to start manufacturing healthy snacks for both adults and kids.
My dilemna is that I am writing a marketing plan and i need a good appealing slogan and a catchy name for the snacks that the customer will identify with and buy the products.

  • Posted on Accepted
    Hello Juliane...

    The naming process is an incredibly important one. Here is the process I use with clients:

    1. Define Criteria: Come up with the criteria for the name. For example, it must be relevant to 30-45 year olds, it must be funny, it must work in X different countries, etc.

    2. Brainstorm: Come up with hundreds of ideas, including people in your brainstorming group that are copy writers, designers, product managers, etc.

    3. Downselect: Choose 10-20 names, eliminating others using the crtieria in step 1.

    4. Perform Analysis/Check Availability: Check for copyright and web domain names for the ones you selected. Downselect based on availability. And verify that the name works in all countries where it will be sold.

    5. Perform Testing: Test the new group (maybe 5 names) with a subset of clients.

    6. Make Selection: Pick the name and create the associated identity.

    I hope that helps.


  • Posted by Blaine Wilkerson on Accepted
    All of the above adice is novel and should be well heeded.

    I can be rather creative in this arena, however, I need some specifics about the product in order to give you some good ideas.

    Can you email me with the specifics at :

    I would be more than happy to provide you with some creative ideas!

    Thank You!
  • Posted by Michele on Accepted
    We want to have our cake, and eat it, without gaining an ounce. The snack food category is highly contested – and being challenged by new hybrid products competing for market share. The breakfast cereal chocolate bar, the dessert flavoured yoghurt, baked, not fried chips. All promise the same ideal – high levels of taste with little damage to the waste line.

    While honey may actually not be any less fattening than sugar, and peanuts have one of the highest energy content of most basic ingredients – honey nut bars are seen to be healthy – not fattening. Go figure.

    So, provided you key into high taste, without the guilt – you are probably on the right track.

    These ideas are not founded in any kind of research, and I am being hugely irresponsible by dishing these ideas out – but I would suggest playing in the following space: “Vitality bar, Nutribar, Sunshine….”

    Maybe focusing on either the core ingredients (honey, malt, milk) or the process (backed, not fried; sundried; organic, chemical free”) would be helpful.

    The slogan – “Eat your heat out!.” Or “be a little kinder to your self’…

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