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Topic: E-Marketing

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B2b - Email Mail Shot Or Social Media Advertising

Posted by Anonymous on 25 Points
Hi guys,

This is possibly one of those "how long is a piece of string questions" because of all the variables.

I was wondering If you thought I would get more bang for my buck either
a) purchasing an email list
b) use the money to display ad's on social media + adwords.

Business is a small Reiki practice that provides therapies within the workplace.

many thanks.

  • Posted by Moriarty on Member

    work out first who your best customers are. Even if you advertise to everyone, you will only interest a small fraction of them.

    That goes for an email list too. The money you spend on that would buy you lots of clicks - all of which would be targeted right at your best customers. Then catch their email addresses to keep them up to speed.

    To your success,

    Moriarty xx
  • Posted by Jay Hamilton-Roth on Member
    Likely, neither of these will result in the results you're hoping for. Why? Because your website's marketing message doesn't convey the key message, "Why should you hire my services?" Start by interviewing a number of local business owners to find out if/when/why/how they'd hire someone like you, and then shape your marketing strategy accordingly.
  • Posted by Peter (henna gaijin) on Member
    You have B2B in the subject line? Isn't Reiki something that would be promoted similar to yoga or acupuncture, where you are approaching clients? Wouldn't this be B2C?

  • Posted by Gary Bloomer on Accepted
    At the moment your home page has the following headlines:

    Hi and Welcome to 3 Candles Reiki

    What is Reiki healing ...

    Who is Reiki for ... Reiki is for everyone !

    What can Reiki healing do for you ...

    What to expect during your treatment ...

    The only headline here that's earning its keep is "What can Reiki healing do for you ..." but it's too far down the page.

    As for your question, I suspect you'd be better off
    renting a snail mail list of local businesses. You then
    send out sales letters, you hand address the envelopes and address them to the head of the company, and you write PERSONAL, PLEASE across the bottom left hand corner.

    In your letter you explain who you are, what you do
    and put SPECIFIC emphasis on the benefits of your treatments AND that you'd like to come in and give a practical, hands on demonstration FOR FREE.

    You then ask those people you've treated to give you a testimonial and you get a sign off from each person permitting you to use their comments in all future marketing. You also offer each person a valuable money off coupon, valid for only 14 days, and valid ONLY for a consultation with you in your place of business.

    You then sign them up for multiple treatments and move from there.

    If you're determined to use Facebook ads, you really need
    to place social media icons on your site AND you need to consider using a social utility site such as Fiverr to help build some social media likes and visibility.

    And the light grey text on your site needs to be a little bit darker: it's less than legible.

    Good luck to you.
  • Posted by marketbase on Member
    Also consider sending info via email, direct mail, flyers to local chambers of commerce, municipal business development departments, hospitals, medical centers, etc. Of course, if anything is sent whether it's by web or snail mail, be sure to address the material to a specific person, with name spelled right and with correct title, etc. It's all part of marketing...

  • Posted on Member
    Any compiled email list you guy (you actually rent it for one-time use) is likely to be junky and outdated, so don't bother.

    As for social media, unless you know what you're doing, hire someone with experience and a track record of successes with other clients.
  • Posted by peg on Member
    I get this question a lot from small business owners, who often insist on sticking with their initial assumptions, and who are universally disappointed with the results when they do. That's because they are starting with the wrong question.

    The better question is: What is the best way to market my business and get new customers with a budget of $X?

    Maybe you can be even more specific. For example, "My marketing goal is to become well known at 100 area businesses and in 300 local households by X date. How can I do that?" A specific question brings the answer into focus, and in this case would logically include regular email contact with those specific targeted customers, cold calls on area businesses to introduce your service, and participation in events or associations that attract your targeted businesses and consumers, among other things.

    Adwords would be a poor choice for your business because without Adwords expertise, you'll find your funds auto-spent in ways you don't intend, or you'll receive too few local results to matter. Rented email lists are similarly unwise -- despite their advertised promises, they rarely get past spam filters and, if they do, are mostly unopened by recipients. The much better solution is to build an email list by hand, a time-consuming but essential activity for any personal service business.

    That said, have an hour's chat with one or two local small-business marketing consultants -- usually solo-preneurs as you are -- to see what they can do for you within your budget. The results will be better than what you might achieve on your own, and certainly better than the two options proposed in the initial question. Please don't let yourself make either of those mistakes.

  • Posted on Author
    first of all thank u all for some great reponses.

    gary just pipped for the points as he made multiple points. Would have loved to give points to all :)

  • Posted by Moriarty on Member
    Max, you could have given one point each?


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