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Topic: Taglines/Names

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'retail' Industry Recruitment Co. Tagline/slogan

Posted by ryank on 50 Points
I have just started a new Retail industry focused recruiting business with the main name being Ambassador Recruitment (may also be Ambassador Retail on marketing) and I'm in need of a tagline/slogan. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

Kind regards


  • Posted by Moriarty on Accepted

    you are entering a fiercely competitive market. Unless you are well versed the ins and outs, you are in for some hard lessons. Because a tagline however limp, won't do anything when it comes to finding new recruits.

    You have to ask "Why should you choose me?" What do you do that nobody else is doing? I know a friend of mine did this by paying his drivers better and giving them better terms and conditions - plus hands on help that they never got from big companies. He got a name for himself as someone who delivered good drivers who got to work on time. He charged more too - and was able to because his drivers were reliable. Just that saved the managers a lot of hassle. Hassle means money after all.

    So what is it that you do for the shops and your potential recruits that is special?


  • Posted by ryank on Author
    Hi Moriarty,

    Thank you for the swift reply

    The business at present is solely recruiting ‘Retail’ management personnel ‘Store Managers’, Regional Managers down to Store Supervisor level. we don’t recruit for general Sales staff

    We have a small but secure client base already and so have decided to start putting my marketing and website together. Haven’t really needed anything up to now to be honest but now I’m looking to start driving the business forward and expand our client base.

    Kind regards,

  • Posted by Moriarty on Member
    this sounds promising.

    If you want more clients, work out which ones from those you already have are the ones you like. Also the most profitable - tie those two metrics together and you have the character of your best client.

    The least profitable who offer the least income are those to gently ease out as time allows.

    Your tagline needs to address the things they like - and the things your worst client doesn't like. This is a two edged sword that cuts both ways in your favour. It attracts those you like, and they are encouraged by your honesty. The ones that don't like it, won't like you anyway, and go away.

    We need some details - specific as possible. That way we will get some traction.

  • Posted by ryank on Author
    A few thoughts I've come with....

    Ambassadors in retail
    Ambassadors in recruitment
    Connecting Ambassadors in retail
    Retail to you
    Retail made real
    Bringing Retail to you
    Retail on your side
    Retail at work
    Powering your next move
    Assisting your next move

    I like all of them..... but thats a problem too! Anyone able to help narrow it down a little?


  • Posted by ryank on Author
    Hi M,

    The business isn't big enough yet to look at these criteria so I need a slogan that is both snappy and has some meaning behind it. Something clever even!

    .. some very large global organisations have really 'nailed' their slogans with some very simple text. I'm not sure if they would have looked at all the criteria you mentioned... see below

    Vodafone: "How Are You?"
    Samsung Electronics: "Imagine"
    Panasonic: "Ideas for Life"
    General Electric: "Imagination at Work"
    AT&T: "Your World. Delivered"
    American Express: "Do More"
    Toyota: "Oh What a Feeling"
  • Posted by Gary Bloomer on Accepted
    I can guarantee that the large global companies you mentioned that have 'nailed' their slogans with simple text spent hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars on their branding and positioning.

    I can also guarantee that they looked at all the criteria mentioned, and a good many others.

    Tag lines with snap and meaning need considerably more thought than you might imagine. To come up with ideas we need to know more about your company, about your ideal client, and about the reasons for doing business with you as opposed to someone else in your niche.

  • Posted by ryank on Author
    Please excuse my wording Gary probably didn't come across in the right way. I completely understand that these firms have huge budgets on marketing etc. but how do thrse companies get to finalise and decide their slogans? Do you have any experience creating a strong slogan? How did you go about putting it together? I would be interested to hear your thought process.
  • Posted by Moriarty on Member

    we need something SPECIFIC that you can OFFER your CUSTOMERS and the companies that will employ them.

    Without that your tagline will be worthless.

    YOU HAVE ENOUGH DATA because you already have a business that is doing reasonably well. In the circumstances of the decline since 2007 that is good.


    Only we need some help here.

    From you, not some dumb commercial organization that throws money away.

  • Posted by Moriarty on Member
    Oh, and don't believe a word Vodafone say.

    I got out of my two year contract through their incompetence. I would have gone to court to sort them out if it took that. They do not stand by their word and you cannot expect a corporation of that kind to have the least interest in their puny tagalong USPs.

  • Posted by ryank on Author
    Hi Moriarty,

    Appreciate your patience...

    Ambassador offers recruitment solutions to Retailers across the UK. We specialise in Management positions and can cater to both contingency recruitment and search and selection.

    We pride ourselves on providing the best candidates tailored to each role and company. We are constantly monitoring our performance to improve what we do.

    Our client base will be everything from single store sites to multi national retailers

    Is this the sort of info you were looking for?

    Kind regards,

  • Posted by Gary Bloomer on Member
    I've helped create tag lines and the process depends on the mindset of the other people involved and on how great your desire is to push through your preferred version.

    How specific companies create their tag lines and USPs depends on the branding people they're working with, and on the degree of influence their in-house marketing people might have. At some point, someone, somewhere, needs to make a decision and sign off on something. The fewer people you have involved in this process the better: design by committee is a fool's errand.

    In the past I've been quite blunt about my feelings
    when pushing any given tag line or USP. My position
    has always been, and will always be, as follows: if this company wants to create (X) kind of share of mind in the experience of (Y) buyer, to instill (Z) belief about (XYZ) product's capabilities and abilities to bring about (123) desired result, and to create (ABC) feeling as a positioning statement, the tag line of USP needs to be:

    123 company, bringing about/delivering/providing/ (456) benefit to (789) buyer/customer.

    Or something along these lines. A tag line is NOT a USP and vice versa. Tag lines are nice things to have but they're not essential. USPs proclaim solid benefits and give solid reasons to buy.
  • Posted by Moriarty on Member
    One question: do you hire on the basis of a CV and an interview alone?

  • Posted by ryank on Author
    Hi M,

    The process is the client has a role go live and will come to us to fill. We source the candidate from online marketing or database search, interview every candidate and then submit CV application. Interviews take place and then hopefully a hire



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