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Topic: E-Marketing

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I Am Opening An Online Store....need Help W/name.

Posted by mindylike on 250 Points
I am opening an online store which will sell a wide array of items from pearl sets, fine clothing, high end cosmetics, etc. There will be no particular age range in my market if I can help it. I am thinking Mirror/Mirror with the tagline "the finest to see..." I found the name on this website as it was suggested to another poster...what do you all think and thank you!

  • Posted by mindylike on Author
    The tagline was my idea...what do you think?
  • Posted by Moriarty on Accepted
    Tell me what you expect your customers to see when they hear that it is the finest to see - when nobody goes around saying how bad their products are. When all products are better than their neighbours, there is no way to know which is best. There is no choice.

    To make an effective tagline, you need to be specific. Place, Style, Content, Image. Everything must stand out as bold characters, you cannot expect people to notice ordinary writing in the middle of a page full of it.

    By all means offer everything, it is by targeting your favourite customer that you will stand out to them. It is easier to start by standing out to them than by disappearing to everyone and leaving the whole thing to chance.

    For one thing, your name is Mindy. Let us try "Mindy's Mirror" ( is free as are the rest, .biz for example if this is more to your taste). If you are daring enough, start your own fashions through it. "An original look at fashion from Mindy" could be a tagline.

    What are your thoughts?

    Moriarty xx
  • Posted by mindylike on Author
    I love the ideas and thank you for pointing out that I may be too vague when trying to capture everyone.....extremely good and valid point. Love the name and tagline, thank you very much! I'm thinking I should shorten the tag to "an original look at fashion..." Do you think that would be "an original look at fashion by Mindy" too much/long?
  • Posted by mindylike on Author
    Nope, I've decided to go with the "an original look at fashion by Mindy". It just sounds and feels right and I'm def gonna capture that domain! Thank you so much!
  • Posted by Moriarty on Member
    Mindy, it's yours. It is early in the morning, I am still sleepy and the ideas aren't coming quickly. In any case, you can always split test them: your customers are the arbiter here, not you or I. All you can try to do is please them as best you are able.

    "Mindy's look at fashion" ?? What about "Mindy's Originals" - again all domains free that I can see from here in Holland.

    Good luck!

    I hope that the others will help you too.

  • Posted by Moriarty on Member
    A pleasure, Mindy. Good luck.
  • Posted by mindylike on Author
    I def love Mindy's Mirror and it is free. I think I have thought about it so long, I didn't even think to put my name in there...tunnel vision. I do like the tagline you provided and think it's a good idea. I will bounce it off some people I know and see if it spins.

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