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Topic: Student Questions

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Comparative Analysis

Posted by Anonymous on 125 Points
As one of my marketing project, i need to do a comparative analysis on the marketing strategies adopted by 2 companies of the same trade. Can someone give me advice and how and where I can obtain info on the marketing strategies of companies? This is my 1st year and I am completely new to marketing. Thanks

  • Posted by Carl Crawford on Accepted
    Hello s_iling,

    Welcome to KHE

    First of all,the bad news. you wont be able to find the marketing strategies written down on a piece of paper or on the internet. You will have to do some work.

    The Good news, it can be done.

    what you need to do is:

    Choose two companies (obvious)
    then put there name in to this will give you information. Read the info, and write down all the things like price, promotion, good things they have done like give to charity, and bad things like cooperate scandal.

    then read press releases, tv ads, news paper ads, radio ads.

    Do a SWOT, find there strengths, weakness, opportunitys, threats

    here is a template:

    Also the next time you ask a question PLEASE post you questions in the STUDENT section.

    Feel free to email me (click on my name), or ask another question. Also read the important guidelines (just so don't get in trouble by breaking the rules, you haven't broken them yet)

    A secound year student (in one month) and number 18 on the top 100 experts list.

    Carl Crawford
  • Posted by Carl Crawford on Member
    oh almost forgot, don't forget to use the search questions link to search past questions. (under quick start guide in the right hand column when you sign in)
  • Posted on Author
    Hi Google, I was thinking too that no companies are going to tell me their mktg strategies. Your advice is a good start for me on where to look out for the info. Still finding my way round to using this site; will post the Q in student category in future. Thanks!
  • Posted on Author
    Sheldon, my apologies; will post my Q in student category in future.

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