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Topic: Student Questions

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Is Technology Making Us Lazy?

Posted by Anonymous on 125 Points
Clearly, there is a problem with the world and technology, today. I think technology is the problem, because it is making us lazy. If so, how is it making us lazy and how can we change this?

  • Posted by Carl Crawford on Accepted
    Humm it depends,

    in some ways it is making things easier and people are able to do more with the time that they would have spent doing the other task.

    eg you used to have to get up at 6 am and milk the cow yourself if you wanted milk with your breakfast, now all you need to do is go to the fringe and you get more time to spend with your family or sleep more.

    One way in which it is not good would be , Students and there homework :P ( no dig intended), for instance we get ALOT of people just cutting and pasting there homework on to the site and expect us to do there home work. ( Not accusing you of this). While just ten years ago you might have to go and read a book to steal someone work, now all you need to do is hit the return key and a few key words and bam you have your assignment. ( I don't do this and neither should you)

    Another example would be Americans aged 45 plus, i was watching TV the other day and saw a news program on CNN about Old people how PIMP there Golf carts, things like ones that look like branded cars ( BMW, Mersadies, Jaugare, Farrei) or have ones shaped like castles etc etc

    One guy was interviewed and said this when he was asked why he spent so much money to PIMP his golf cart, he said

    "All i want to do is Sleep, eat, and ride my golf cart around with my wife".

    here are some links which you migh find useful:

    These links took 30 secounds on, try having a visit to and take a tuotrial or two.
  • Posted by NoStressXpress on Accepted
    Talking about lazy, did you know that to get a job as a civil servant with the U.S. Government, your resume will be graded by a computer program that screens it for certain keywords and if those keywords don't appear a certain amount of frequency - then you will not get an invitation to an interview? Can you imagine ALL the talented people who are more expressive in an actual interview (than on paper) who will never get any consideration for a government job. Worse yet, can you imagine all the inept people who got good paying government jobs because they knew how to manipulate the this system?

    Even though this is a good example of how technology has made us lazy.... I believe that your question will be always be a great debate topic with both sides bringing an equal number of case studies to support their stance.

    Since I am an electrical engineer by education I'm in favor of technology but I have witnessed first hand where too much technology is a bad thing and where too much technology has made us forget how to do things the good old fashion ways. A good example is when the U.S. Naval Academy removed "Celestial Navigation" from its curricula and replaced it with High Tech Satellite Navigation and Inertial Navigation. The Academy finally saw the fallacy of their ways and had to re-institute Celestial Navigation as a Core Subject.

    So to answer your other question, there is no easy way to change the trend to embrace technology and I believe that the only way to lessen its impact is to make sure that the old ways are taught as a prelimary subject to learning the new technology.

    I hope this helps.

  • Posted on Accepted
    Hi Bsmiley

    When was the last time you walked to your TV and changed the channel on the TV set instead of using your remote?

    Do you email people when you could talk to them face-to-face?

    Technology (referring to technology in electronic goods for eg) has changed many things, some good some bad.

    The problem, if you turned back the clock 50 years, you'd be complaining about things that you take for granted and because as generations move on, expectation levels increase higher and higher.

    I'm talking about living in the West (London, UK). It also depends on your geographic location in the world and different interpretations of technology itself. E.g. what others use technology as a given (e.g.use of electricity, access to clean running water) are luxuries or dreams to some people around the world.

    Unless you can frame your question is some sort of context, what type of technology you are referring, use, location to etc, this sort of question is too broad and inconclusive in its own right.

    Hope this helps anyway.

    Zahid Adil

  • Posted on Member
    hello. My class have a debate and my topic is " Technology is making us lazy ". Can anyone help me with this ?? please. thz

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