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Topic: Student Questions

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Services Firm Marketing Audit

Posted by Anonymous on 250 Points
hi! i was just wondering exactly what a marketing audit looks like?!? HELP!

  • Posted by Carl Crawford on Member

    or search the past questions for more info
  • Posted by wnelson on Accepted
    This question has been asked before and here are two very detailed good answers:

    In particular, see the answer by Amir and the link to St. Cloud State - this is an excellent outline.

    Hope this helps.

  • Posted on Accepted
    Jacinta, it sounds like you want to see a final report, all finished and ready to roll. In truth, you'll be hard pressed to find that, but obviously will not have a problem finding checklists and descriptions of what the components should be.

    As for layout, it should be in the form of a report -- table of contents included, started with an executive summary, going into a sectional description of what the current situation is, then your final section on recommendations.

    The areas to audit (as you will most likely see from the various links above) vary. Some audits covering marketing operations and infrastructure as well as marketing processes, integrated communications, cross-departmental effectiveness, and strategic value. The depth of the audit really needs to be based on the goal of the audit and what is relevant and meaning to your company.

    If you know how to write a corporate-style report that includes summary, situation analysis, and recommendations, then you know the format for a marketing audit as well.

    The report writing is easy. Understanding the goal, and planning your focus, research methonds and completing the analysis takes time -- and that is true of any analysis report.

    So look at other reports that follow this structure. They will be helpful to you. And if you want to know every possible thing that COULD be included in a marketing audit, see Philip Kotler's book Kotler on Mareting -- it includes a good section and a lengthy exhibit on the components of a marketing audit.
  • Posted on Member
    Visit to know more about Marketing Audit

    Azaz Motiwala

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