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10 P's Of Marketing

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Can enybody give me a tip where to find the explanation of 10 P's in Marketing. I searched the internet and all I can find is 4 P's not 10. I have to write a proposal of marketing strategy for bottled water through 10 P's model, and I don't now what 10 P's stand for.

Thanks in advance,
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    OK, Enough, this has to stop.

    There are 4P's. Anyone who comes up with extras is simply not understanding what the 4Ps are about.



    The product. service, concept or bundle of whatever you are selling, including privileges attached to the ownership, warranties, service contracts, personalisation, memberships, etc.


    How much it costs, including free samples, premiums, discounts, levies, payment terms, bonuses, add-ons, bonuses, points, prizes, etc.


    The supply chain considerations, packaging, delivery, logistics, pick-up points, installation deals, people involved in the delivery, selling, promotional and other aspects of the supply chain from cradle to grave, etc.


    How news of the three categories above is communicated to the target audience. Think PR, marcomms, advertising, guerrilla tactics, skywriting, TVC, radio, press, etc.

    No more Ps, please...

    Adding more P's is like adding legs to a table. If you used the four you already had, properly, you would not need any more than four...

    Hope this helps.

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    There's always Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance! :)
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    Of course ChrisB is right as usual but as I expected that's your set assignment pls look at the following link for Customer Specific tg/detail/-/1888051027?v=glance

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    Your professor may not be alone... But I'd love to know whether any real, commercial marketers out there are actually using the 10P's as referenced.

    I'm particularly interested in "Presto", as it sounds like the word you use to get revenues to take that magic upward turn as in "the miracle occurs here"!

    I've only been in marketing 24 years, so I'm still learning, but I'd say this 10P stuff is made up by someone who has no idea what they are talking about. As evidence, I note that the 10Ps does not even mention the Supply and Fulfilment chain (Place), says little about Product, and virtually nothing about Promotion.

    Ergo; 10P = 10 ways to waste time. Poppycock, rubbish, quatsch, whatever you want to call it, it's shallow, incomplete, ill-thought-through and about as much use as a monopod in a footy-kicking competition, or, say, a chocolate teapot.

    If this assignment is essential for passing the subject, you should question the value of a degree from whatever establishment you are attending. What are they teaching you? This has no value!

    Perhaps the whole point here is to get you to challenge the question and push back, to find fault with the proposition and to propose something better (i.e. 4Ps)

    Please invite your very learned professor to contact me for clarification or to arrange a televised debate on the subject. I can be contacted through my profile - by clicking on my name above.

    Hope this helps!


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    I was reading an article somewhere about the 10p' a few weeks ago. If I remember correctly (which it is very foggy) the 10p's were the first version of the theory that was to become known as "the 4p's".

    It was rejected, then the developed over a ten year period by a number of people.

    Anyway I agree with EVERYONE here, especially Sheldon and ASVP/ChrisB :P.

    I would like to know how your assigment goes, feel free to email me and tell me what you deside to do.

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    I agree with the folks above who seem to be "mildy passionate" about keeping the 4Ps intact. Adding to this model just isn't practical.

    However...your professor may be referring to Seth Godin's book Purple Cow where he makes reference to several "New Ps". I can't remember exactly how many, but it was around 10.
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    i have a copy of that book (in electronic format) i haven't read it yet, it on my list of book to read.

    If you want a copy email me, my email is i my profile click on my name.
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    Actually there are 7P's that are very accepted worldwide.

    The remaining 3P's are:
    - People - which I think is very important to any kind of new product, service, idea or experience. For example a new project implementation should have an important stakeholder endorsing it that way it would have less resistance by consumers (companies or people).
    - Process - that is also very important since all companies are approaching solutions selling thru services. That is very true for High Tech companies such IBM, Microsoft and Symantec.
    - Physical Evidence - I would love that someone could explain that one to me, but that's the last P on the 7 P's.

    Also I believe that putting together only the 4Ps, Segmentation, Positioning, Environmental Forces, and 5 Potter Forces would give you a great Marketing Strategy.

    So I am more aligned with Mr. CrisB forget the 10 P's.

    JP Tex.
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    i have read 7 ps so might be help you Lejla

    With thanks & regards

    Vishal anand
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    In completing the marketing mix Ian Bruce has defined the 8 'P's -

    The definition of a product can be a service, idea or goods of some kind and needs to address quality; name; packaging; guarantees; and product features.
    Are you absolutely clear on how your product meets the needs of your market segment?
    Unlike the private sector the moral imperative rests with the charity is to set its own standards for product quality as the beneficiary or customer often has little or no choice.

    This is an important component in the marketing mix for charities as every product should not only reflect the underlying philosophy or ethos of the organisation, it should also be clear what the philosophy behind the introduction of the particular product is as well.

    Within your charity you need to fully understand what price should be charged for the product in question even if in reality you offer it to your customers on a subsidised basis or even free.
    However never forget that people can be extremely cynical and that if the charity you are working for provides its product free of charge that to some free equates to of no value ie worthless. Even if you provide a product free of charge, it will enhance the perceived value if you can ensure that the true price is recognised.

    Oddly, when you say marketing to some people they either automatically think of market research or promotion. In reality, promotion consists of advertising; personal selling; referrals; sales promotion; leaflets; public relations; networking and so on.

    Place (distribution)
    In other words, how you're going to get your product to your market.

    The people you need to provide the service; the training and commitment of those people; in fact all the relationships which need to be established at every stage of the product cycle in developing and getting it to the end user.

    Physical evidence
    How do you prove that you have actually delivered your product, especially if it's only an idea? This is especially important when selling ideas which is why many fundraisers if trying to raise funds for a new building will often get a model made of it to provide some physical evidence of their product.

    The policies, the systems, the order processing, the customer involvement - maintaining the flow of the product to the market.
    Not having the processes in place can often be used as an excuse for not going ahead and it is not uncommon for charities to have lots of good ideas to bring in a new product only to then stall if the processes have not been agreed.
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    TO Carl Crawford

    Could you e-mail me that electronic copies? I'm working on my research about marketing strategy too.

    Thank you
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    Except ths 4 p's

    are two others

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