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Topic: Strategy

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Dme Marketing Strategies........

Posted by Anonymous on 125 Points
I am a sales rep. for a fairly new DME company. For three years we strictly did hospice, so pretty much, there was no marketing involved. We got our Medicare number in May and have since, slowly begun to market. I am having to teach myself, for the most part, how to market to physicians, hospitals, home health agencies...etc. What are some strategies to use, questions to ask, who are the best people to market to. I have a lot of questions. I know the equipment very well due to the three years of hospice work, because I was driving and setting up the equipment and explaining to the patients and families how to properly use it. I know some people are natural salesmen, some are not. It doesn't come naturally to me. Has anyone else on here worked with DME? If so, what are some of the experiences you guy's have had, and how did ya'll like it? Thanks for any replies.

  • Posted by mbarber on Accepted
    Selling to doctors is really no different to selling to everyone else - they have a need that they want filled and are happy to do so.

    What can be different is the way in which they approach the sales process in that often, time poor they can be difficult to catch, and, given their positions may have in the past, been treated with special mittens so have grown accustomed to lots of ego stroking, toys and junkets.

    At the end of the day though, they'll want to clearly see that what you prosoe is of significant value for them to acquire or to change to because they don't want any hassles assciated with a transition.

    Be clear on how what you offer can be bedded down with minimal fuss, that you have support and focus on the gatekeeper because he or she will often act as the person that decides whether or not their boss will find spending time with you of any value. So use their skills, seek their advice and follow their suggestions because they'll make or break you regarding a chance to pitch your wares
  • Posted by KSA on Accepted
    I know someone who sells pharmaceuticals to doctors. If you're selling to doctor's offices, you might try her approach.

    Many offices close down for lunch so everyone is unavailable at the same time. My friend brings lunch to her doctor's offices. Everyone appreciates the free meal, and she gets some time to talk to the doctors.

    Home health agencies should be easier because there are usually office-based personnel.

    Hospitals - it depends on who you need to see. You naturally want to find the decision-maker, not the purchasing guy. It's really tough to give any advice on that because I don't know what you're selling.

    Hope this helps.

  • Posted by MonMark Group on Member
    The next time you post, leave it up for a longer period, so others can help you. Being a global site, many people didn't get a chance to see your question before you closed it. Leave it up for a few days longer next time.

    Until then, please send me your eMail address, I'd like to learn more about what you are doing. My family just dedicated a Hospice in the names of our family members.

    Click on my name, to the right and get my eMail address, then...send me yours.

  • Posted on Member

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