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Hi guys

I wonder if you can help me please? I am currently researching potential ideas for my dissertation. I really would like to do something on viral marketing/blogs, but I need to relate it to higher education as that is the industry that I'm in and I'm finding it difficult to come up with something that is original and that relates to this sector.

Any ideas?
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    What about:

    The Viral Marketing Impact on Consumer Buying Behavior of College Students


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    Hello--this may be a long shot--but if you are looking for some kind of science behind the blogging phenomenon and social networking and how those actions influence markets, check out the theory of the "long tail"

    Hard for me to explain (but I once saw an article that succintly explained how blogs are affecting the news cycle (via the long tail theory) so I got it then.

    The college-age population is largely fueling the citizen-journalism and social networking communications wave so it might fit with your topic. Mainstream marketers are looking for ways to harness the power and influence that social networks wield.

    Its happening within the population at the individual level, not so much or at all at the administrative or institutional level. I'm assuming you need to make a hypothesis and research, test, and explicate something specific in your dissertation?

    There may be institutions of higher learning that are using blogs and viral marketing (and certainly wikis) for teaching and learning (MIT, Stanford, JHU's Center for Technology in Education).

    I just got my Masters of Science in marketing at Johns Hopkins in May 2005, so if you'd like to contact me:

    Rebecca P.

    Good luck--its an interesting subject and one not yet exhaustively researched!
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    no need to come up with original idea/topic..not realistic for master degree students. and I think dtallant's idea (The Viral Marketing Impact on Consumer Buying Behavior of College Students) is excellent.
    BTW I got my MBA, in England...

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    helo, am a student of management, but doing my dissertation on marketing....but i dnt hv any idea about the title....i was thinking about something on internet marketing or something on the promotion mix.....
    any ideas???
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    This is Samira, I m studying Ecommerce and industrial Marketing
    I'm interested to do my Master thesis in Market Basket analysis by Data Mining tools. But I'm really confused because market basket analysis by itself is something classic and I want to do something new in this field.
    So I can not define my thesis topic. What I need is what other related subjects to Market Basket analysis are or other advices that perhaps you have for me to define a good subject.
    I'd appreciated if someone helps me.

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