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How To Promote The New Marketingprofs Blog?

Posted by Ann H. on 2000 Points
Greetings, all.

As you might know, MarketingProfs this week launched the MarketingProfs Daily Fix -- a daily news, commentary and opinion blog covering all things marketing and advertising-related. See it here:

As our blog is brand-spanking-new, I want it to find an audience -- my hope is that tons of people will be commenting on the posts and interacting with each other and the authors. Obviously, I can promote it within MarketingProfs -- but I'm open to other promotional/marketing ideas, too.

Anyone else out there have some good ideas for me?

Thanks in advance!


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  • Posted on Accepted
    - write and distribute a news release via PRWeb and PRNewsire
    - send a note to everyone on your email list asking them to tag the URL using
    - ask users of stumbleupon to rate it a thumbs up
    - ask all on your list who have their own blogs to write a note about it
    - ask all on your list who have their own email newsletters to write a note about it

    I will do 2 - 5.
  • Posted by Peter (henna gaijin) on Accepted
    Of course, posting this question is a good way to promote it. Users of KHE are prime readers for the Blog. Presumably you would also promote it to the other users of MP (my understanding is that KHE is just a small subset of all registered users).

    How is the Blog all that different than the articles? Is it a daily thing on the Blog (hence Daily Fix), versus weekly updates on the articles? This is not clear to me.

    A side note - the "read full article" link at the bottom of the Mark Vanderbeeken post at seems to be a bad link (or maybe just a server is down right now).
  • Posted by Frank Hurtte on Accepted
    Give us a button and I will add a click through on my own sites...

    Frank Hurtte
  • Posted by Ann H. on Author
    All --

    Thanks for the great responses so far! You are an amazing resource!

    To answer some of the questions:

    1. Yes -- KHE is a subset of MarketingProfs. Not sure how many active users this forum has, but I think there are some 20,000-plus names on the Know-How News list. There are 180,000+ subscribers to the MarketingProfs Today newsletter.

    2. I talk about the difference between the MarketingProfs Today newsletter and the Daily Fix blog in my first post here:

    But in brief, MarketingProfs Today is weekly. In content, it's more how-to focused, more about the nuts and bolts of marketing, more advice and strategy and tips.

    The Daily Fix is updated daily (sometimes, several times a day); it's more news and opinion and commentary. It also less formal -- posts have a freer voice and looser style, and aren't nearly as tightly edited as most MarketingProfs Today newsletter articles are.

    There is an RSS button at the bottom of the Daily Fix home page -- are you all talking about something more than that?

    Thanks for your responses, again. You rock.

    p.s. Thanks for the comments on the blog, Peter!
  • Posted by NovaHammer on Accepted
    Looking at your bragsheet on your front page I think you are well known in the business world already.

    Now reaching an untapped but similar market would be fun I bet!

    Bloggers are computer savy and active posters, so are the people who read them I bet.

    I play an online Global Soccer Management game at least twice a week with over 750,00 active users. Most have a home or team page for themselves so are busy creating even when not playing. This is an active bunch.

    With the World Cup starting in a few months the site interest shall be heightened at the right time for you.

    They have simple affordable ad space and many Forums. Tapping into this field could get you a much broader and new audience literally 24 hours a day.

    I don't work for them.
  • Posted by darcy.moen on Accepted
    I think the blog and RSS feed will spread the word for you. Oh yes, adding buttons, and giving away buttons to link back sure won't hurt.

    Sure wouldn't mind if the forum had a RSS feed so we could keep in touch with questions as they come in...or a feed be question section so we could keep on top of our area of interest.

    Just dreaming out loud...again.

    Darcy Moen
    Customer Loyalty Network
  • Posted by khullarsfromc on Accepted
    1) How about advertising on American Marketing Association website? I believe their magazine Marketing Power is mailed to subscribers twice a week. A mailing with their newsletter even once a week can do wonders for your blog.

    2) Advertise on the job search websites such as
    a) seriously looking for a CPG marketing job ought to be visiting this website and thus a good source.
    b) Other job sites such as

    3) Are you planning to have job listings on your blog? That should bring lot of traffic to the blog.

    4) Anytime somebody searches Google or other search engine for word” Marketing”, it should pull up MarketingProfs Daily Fix.

    5) Can you afford to advertise in magazines like Advertising Age, BrandWeek and other marketing and advertising magazines? Sales and Marketing Management, Business Week, Fortune etc. should be good magazines to advertise also.

    6) I see a list of contributors on this MarketingProfs.If they contribute to other magazines, how about advertising in those magazines.

    7) In an effort to raise money so that you can advertise your blog effectively, how about inviting advertisers who may love to advertise on your blog if you can provide demographics. Even if you don’t have demographics, you can safely make some assumptions. A good chunck have at least college degrees. How many car companies would love to advertise on that?

    8) Somewhere down the road, if you can sponsor marketing seminars that can also do wonders for your blog.

  • Posted by Carl Crawford on Accepted
    Make the little RSS feed thing appear in the browser url tool bar for Firefox and Opera and the soon to be released IE7.If you dont know what I mean here is a picture:

    All you do is click on the rss icon and it sets up your browser to download the newest stories automatically. While I can set up opera and firefox to update with your current system it takes a few steps more and is something only a "power user" might know.
  • Posted by Peter (henna gaijin) on Member
    You know, the naming of the groups may be hindering expansion some. If someone sees "daily fix" in the header, they may not know what it is. But if they saw something which also had "Blog" in the name, they would know right away what it is.

    I've talked about this with Val in regards to the KHE being called Forums. Seems you are diluting the brand by using different names between headers and the content pages.

    Similar with calling the articles section "topics"...
  • Posted by jwall on Accepted
    Just some random ideas:

    1. Add an RSS button at the top
    2. Place some bids for "marketing blog" on adwords
    3. Throw a podcast in the feed

    Good luck!
  • Posted by Ann H. on Author
    Thanks for the comments so far, all. Because I talked up this query in yesterday's MarketingProfs Today newsletter, I'm going to keep it open for a few more days in case anyone else drops by to check it out.

    Again, many thanks. You all are a terrific and rich resource!


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