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Data Scarping - Customer Reviews Analysis

Posted by conor.mckernan on 125 Points

does anyone know the best user friendly data scaping software for someone with little data scaping knowledge or coding expierience?

I want to scrape customer reviews from a product page like the sample webpage below


I just want to be able to lift the star review and customer comment from this page

Thanks, Kind Regards
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  • Posted by Jay Hamilton-Roth on Accepted
    Since each website displays/stores the information differently, there's no best-in-class that would work for all websites. Your best bet is likely to identify the websites you're trying to scrape and then hire a consultant to write the software for your needs.
  • Posted by Gary Bloomer on Accepted
    The best way to collect this kind of information is to collect it ethically via a survey that you control or through a source you've paid for. Data scraping is bad form, it can potentially get your domain name flagged (or even banned), and in certain cases, it might even be illegal.
  • Posted by ismail on Member
    Best Web Scraping Tools
    ScrapeHero Cloud
    Data Scraper (Chrome Extension)
    Scraper (Chrome Extension)
    Visual Web Ripper
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  • Posted by Shelley Ryan on Moderator
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