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Web Hits Per Day. Trending Up Or Down?

Posted by slincoln on 25 Points
I am wondering if anyone has any insight about trends regarding daily web hits. Do you see a trend in more or less hits per day? Our average daily web hits have gown down steadily over the past three years, I wanted to know if anyone else is experiencing this? If so, what are some steps I can take to get the average number back up? For reference, in 2021 we had and average of 211 per day, down to 186 in 2022 and then down again to 150 for 2023.
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  • Posted by robertpal4202 on Member
    Just for my info have you consulted any expert about this. because if it is going down in three years then there is something wrong
  • Posted by slincoln on Author
    I have not, and I am not sure who I would even search for to help me with this!
  • Posted by slincoln on Author
    Thank you for your help!

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