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Most Trafficked Page, No Answer For Them

Posted by JerryC-PA on 250 Points
"How much does auto electrical repair cost"? That's hands down the search query that brings people to my site the most, and that traffic comes from mobile.
To this page-

I don't care to answer about price. If they needed me they would know it. I'm sure price is AN issue but it shouldn't be the biggest issue for my target market. And since I don't believe they are far enough down the funnel, I would just like them to remember there is a guy in West Chester PA. who specializes in electrical issues in cars. I think that would be good enough, because as they realize their car needs more than the convenient/local/cheap alternative, the chances that they can find me in search again are much better. Sometimes it takes them months to get to that point.

From time to time I read that page and wonder if I could change something to make it more memorable to those who don't know they need me yet. How do you feel when reading that page?

I haven't been around in a long time, you guys helped me so much in the past I didn't have any questions. I'm still grateful.

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  • Posted by Jay Hamilton-Roth on Member
    You haven’t said if your traffic is local or simply a random online search. But I wouldn’t overthink your webpage. It talks about the difficulty of giving an estimate sight unseen. That’s sufficient. Not everyone needs you. But if they are in your service region and do a search does your site come up on page 1?
  • Posted by JerryC-PA on Author
    Hi Jay,
    I have had customers that travel to me, they drive or sometimes tow 150 miles. I think it's still local. I don't think anyone randomly searches "cost of auto electrical" unless they start thinking they have an electrical problem of some kind with their car.

    My larger interest is that instead of trying to answer how much, I want to make an impression on them that I am expert, and would fix the car. And do that in a way that's memorable but still speaks a bit about cost because the page still needs to be relevant to the query. Memorable is important because they don't know they need me yet. I want to twist their thoughts from "how much" to, "that was interesting I might need this guy".

    According to G's search console for organic search last 16 mos, and words having to do with cost of auto electrical repair, I have been between position 4 and 9 (1st page) with organic ctr's from 3 to 8%.
    One of my highest ctr's is this one from the UK. Lucas systems I guess.

    "how much does it cost to fix wiring in a car uk" 11.4% ctr 5.6 avg. position

  • Posted by Gary Bloomer on Member
    Hi Jerry,

    It's probably worth updating the page so that readers get right to your point of "Well, that depends". I know from your previous questions that you know your stuff inside out. I'd lead with a direct approach and see what happens.
  • Posted by aaron.starc87 on Member
    Hello Jerry,

    I checked your mobile page and your web page. Both contain a review on it, IF it is possible you can put a slider onto it and upload all the reviews on it. Also, you need to include some sort of CTA that says something like "Get a quote now" OR "Call for more details" on both, mobile and web. As I THINK it only says "Call.." which makes it a bit bland. Let me know what you think
  • Posted by Gary Bloomer on Accepted
    Hi again, Jerry. How does this sound?


    How Much Does Car Electrical Repair Cost?

    That depends. Your vehicle's electrical system is a complex thing and every issue with it is as unique as you are. Because of this, a great deal of effort goes into providing an accurate estimate.

    I'm a specialist, which means I don't see what you might call easy failures.

    Your car's intermittent or unusual electrical problems need experience, focused attention, and a greater depth of knowledge than you'll get from a regular garage. This means that off the cuff estimate you get from another garage could turn sour very quickly. I’ve been doing this for over 40 years. I've seen jobs made twice as costly due to the charm of a thoughtless estimate.

    If you’re frustrated because your car's electrical problem isn’t fixed yet, bring it to me. I'll evaluate the issue and give you an accurate estimate. That’s a good starting point that helps both of us feel comfortable with how your repair will go.

    I know that’s not a specific answer when it comes to the cost, but I offer you this: Your auto electrical problem will be fixed here, and the cost will be fair based on what has to be done.

  • Posted by JerryC-PA on Author
    Thank you for taking the time to write that, I always had an inkling that I might be rambling in the beginning where it's important to get to the point. I like that you rewrote it in what feels to me like my voice. Lots of friends try to help, but they change the copy until it feels wrong to me. I like that you're using 3rd person more than me also.

    I would like to add a little to the "If you're frustrated" part of the copy, because I think it would make my page more memorable. How do you feel about that?

    It's a visceral feeling that people get when they believe their car is fixed, and in the most inconvenient circumstances it breaks down again. That's when people start understanding they need me, and my words start to resonate.
    Do you think my page would get off track if I added a point like this in there somewhere?

    I am considering how to best show my reviews, Thanks.

  • Posted by Gary Bloomer on Accepted
    Hi Jerry,

    Take my draft and use it any way that feels right for you, for your voice, and for your ideal reader. If the "If you're frustrated" needs more of your voice, add whatever works and see what happens. I don't think your site will get off track if you carry on with the visceral stuff. That kind of voice is what makes you who you are. Go with your gut.
  • Posted by JerryC-PA on Author
    Thanks again Gary, I am going to use your draft with a few tweaks and see how it feels to me.

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