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Customver Survey For Engineers: Giveaway/prize

Posted by tech_marketer on 250 Points
We'd like to administer an online survey for registered users/owners of our hardware/software development platform (for engineers). we have a small set of customers who have actually registered their boards so our sample set is ~100+ and really need to ensure we get a high response rate to ensure some statistically significant feedback.

Our survey questions are meant to measure: the online support experience and experience in using the product in general. we'd like to be able to survey this customer base regularly, like once every 6 months

The question is what prize or giveaway do we offer, if at all, namely:

(1) should the # of giveaways be high so "1 in 5 will receive" or higher

(2) should it be relevant to the product itself, e.g., an accessory - the challenge is those are pretty expensive and can probably do just this one time; and can probably only offer "1 in 5 will receive ..."

(3) or should it be a standard coffee mug, water bottle type stuff - something like that we can probably offer that to 50-75% of the respondents and can do it for future surveys.

(4) or should it not be a prize at all?

appreciate any input,

thank you!
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  • Posted by Jay Hamilton-Roth on Accepted
    What's the value of this information for your company? What's the effort required of the respondents? If the value to you or the effort required is high, then a trinket isn't an appropriate encouragement.
  • Posted by mgoodman on Accepted
    It has been my experience that (1) most of the time survey sponsors undervalue the effort required to provide information and thus "cheap-out" when it comes to compensating respondents; and (2) survey sponsors also underestimate the value of responses to themselves and thus don't offer as much compensation as the responses are worth to them.

    I'm guessing that any incentive with a perceived value less than $150-200 (USD) will not generate the numbers (of respondents) you're seeking.

    You might do well to ask a market research professional who has conducted research similar to what you're considering to weigh in on responses to various incentive levels. Without that kind of input, I'd probably opt for #5 -- none of the above.

    (Let me know via email -- in my profile -- if you need a referral.)
  • Posted by chiron34 on Accepted
    While I understand the focus and intent of your wish to obtain information about your clients’ online support experience in using your company’s hardware/software platform, you should not overlook the opportunity to ask a further question relating to possible innovative ways of using your company’s hardware/software platform that may be completely outside specific client’s regular or normal use of your company’s hardware/software platform. Some of your existing clients may have ‘stumbled’ on to different ways or reasons to make use of your technology that bears no relationship to their present business activities. A prize for innovative suggestions for new, different or unusual uses of your technology may elicit new markets that you may not have ever considered.
  • Posted by tech_marketer on Author
    Thanks all for your answers; we'll go ahead and provide a substantial $150-200 offer and see what happens; Jay, the information is of critical value and important data points on the effectiveness of our business model. Chiron, we will have a question in the survey if they're willing to have a discussion with one of our product representatives. Mgoodman, appreciate the input and market research idea.

    thanks all for your response

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