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How Can We Achieve Growth In The Fintech Space?

Posted by economist2010 on 25 Points
Hi all,

A telecom operator has recently launched a FinTech service as a new revenue stream. They would like to take advantage of the airtime services to increase acquisition, and drive adoption and growth.

Option 1:

I would like to launch a campaign that will make a big shout in the market and at the same time will not impact the revenue of the telecom company negatively.

I recommend to give a bonus of 300% of a slow-moving scratch cards denominations that are recharged through the mobile wallet with a validity of 2 days.

Option 2:

Get a cashback of up to 10% for the bills that are paid through the wallet only can be used for telecom services through the wallet.

(Do you suggest to make the cashback can be used for any services on the wallet or to just limited to telecom services only?)

Option 3:

Onboarding development: I would like to give incentive to those who just registered on the wallet. Would it be better to give it a cashback to them if they paid something through the wallet or to give them airtime. Which will be more appealing to the customers?
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  • Posted by Gary Bloomer on Member
    Sounds like a student question.
  • Posted by chiron34 on Member
    You have posted three topics requesting advice on some technical matters that will require the experts here to devote some time to preparing a reply to you. The questions you have asked are not simple but will require some detailed consideration. I note you only offered the experts a meagre 25 points to share if they decide to help you. From my point of view as ab occasional contributor expert responding to questions, I gauge the importance of the information to the poster by how many points are put up as reward for the assistance given.

    You obviously don't place high degree of importance on the information you are seeking by offering only 25 points. Do you really think that offering 25 points shows respect for the knowledge and experience of the experts who devote time to helping folks like you with their business difficulties?

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