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Customer Satisfaction-why Do Businesses Forget It?

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Every marketing literature reminds me that customer is king. "Stay close to them!" "Keep connected!" "Satisfy them!" "Reach out to them!". There seems to be so much hype about customer loyalty everywhere. If customer loyalty and satisfaction is the key to business satisfaction, then why do so many businesses fail to reach out and connect with their customers? Don't they know how vital it is or they just don't know how to go about it?

Sadia Naz Alam
A marketing student from Pakistan
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  • Posted by Deremiah *CPE on Member

    There are a lot of answers to your question and remember this is just from what I have gathered Over the past 20 years.

    A.) Companies really don't know (from actual experience) the true value of doing business with a customer geniunely.

    B.) Some companies have so many acquisitions in it's life time then down size without considering the man power or technology that they need to put in place to handle customers geniunely. Some of them do this in an effort to show profits that are not customer based. i.e. the profits are man-made from down sizing not customer purchases. (some smaller companies have this same problem from a man power and technology stand point).

    Q2.) In this age of information you might be surprised how little companies know because of the burden of work and lack of man power. They actually know very little about the things they need to know to keep up with the vast changes in information and technology which is why some of them have called me in to talk about customer service functions. And then if they have the knowledge their work force is so small and people over burden and ignorant that they can not implement what they know needs to happen to correct the problem. Then there are others that know and start out making the changes but they geniunely can not keep up with the cycle of knowledge groweth and technology changes necessary to keep them out in front and eventually fall behind.

    One great man said "those things that I know to do, that I do not. And those things that I desire not to do that I do." I hope this helps a little. Work smart, read a lot and always under-promise and over-deliver my friend. Is there anything that I can do for you?

    Your Servant, Deremiah, *CPE
  • Posted by telemoxie on Member
    The cost of providing customer service is a function of the level of service provided, and it is not a linear relationship. As the level of customer satisfaction approaches 100%, costs skyrocket.

    And so it is not as simple as waving a magic wand and saying, "satisfy them". For any business, there will be a most profitable mix of services and level of customer satisfaction, and it will not be 100%.

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