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Dissertation Topic On Real Estate Of India

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To whom it may concern

I am a student in UK ... doing masters in marketing .... I am facing difficulties to finalize a topic for my dissertation.

My area of interest is Real Estate Market of India..... and my course is Marketing and i dont know how can i relate both these things ....... Real Estate and marketing both are very wide....

If i choose marketing strategy ........ how can i relate it to real estate in the context of india.........

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    i want to discuss the the marketing strategies by the real estate companies in india and compare them with the market of UK

    would that be viable or should i focus only on india
  • Posted by Bullseye Chic on Accepted
    I think that you might want to focus on the cultural customs of India that make traditional Western marketing practices work or not work.

    I think it would be fascinating to compare the two countries. Though related through history, Britain and India are vastly different

    I suspect that with India's population, regional and language differences, marketing real estate there would provide some challenges. What are they? And, how do companies leverage those differences? What's the influence of the burgeoning middle-class?

    For instance, mobile phones are everywhere. What's Internet access like? Is there a difference from city to countryside? What's the difference from region to region? So, is mobile advertising hot? Possible? Does lack of Internet access play a role? What about traditional methods like direct mail and newspaper?

    Are there laws unique to India regarding property ownership that influence the marketing? In Scotland, the owner sets a basic price and then the buyers bid up the price to the final. Really different.

    How does the economy play a role? I just read this article where the government is paying girls to attend school. How does the educational system influence marketing? So, what are the barriers to marketing in India?

    I'm in the US and there are differences in the laws of Europe that make us adapt when we are marketing overseas. In fact, in the US, there are regional differences in marketing. I live close the Silicon Valley so we never think twice about using the Internet. But, other parts of the US have not adopted the same tools as quickly.

    My mother is a real estate agent in the US for a very large real estate company. They have an extensive website for their agents to get marketing materials from. But, smaller firms don't have the same tools. How much of a competitive advantage is that? Don't know.

    I'd do that paper and compare based on how long it's going to be. You can compare when you need a longer paper. Otherwise, I'd talk about adapting UK practices or creating new practices based on unique factors of the India market.

    Good luck!

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    Thanks a lot for your kind advice.

    So what do you think On what grounds should i frame my research question

    please advice
  • Posted by Bullseye Chic on Member
    I'm not sure what you mean by framing the research question. I've never written a dissertation though completely admiring those who do.

    Can you clarify what you mean? What's the question supposed to be like? What does "grounds" mean?

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    I My topic is quite clear but can u help me to frame a nice question

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