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Topic: E-Marketing

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Upgrade From Mail Order To Ecommerce,fashion/acess

Posted by Anonymous on 250 Points
we have a history of mail order clients and I wish to use
ecom to expand my data base, make it more responsive,
and improve my exposure, esp targeted markets & col.
attachments, give aways. Please any help in dev. a strategy, in step form / also list procurement / devising a
survey of existing customers ????

  • Posted on Accepted

    Like Mike mentioned I'd start with your current customers to find if they are open to using the ecomm channel to make their purchases.

    To expand your database for ecomm channel, you need to know who you are targeting, market, segments etc If you have profiles of your current customers that will be a start but you will need to know of customers that are open or do purchase online. You can purchase a list to do an e-campaign e.g. through a myriad of lists online.

    You should also check your competitors. Has anyone made the ecommerce transition successfully? What do they offer their customers? how easy is purchasing from their site?
    If you don't know of similar companies then look in comparable companies in different markets.

    Userability, Security and functional aspects of the site have been mentioned and hold great importance in the customer experience online.
    Offer a guarantee of some sort and use every opportunity to cross and upsell.

    To ease investment costs, try finding partners or affiliates that also have a presence on your site but you may want to do this after you have gone live with some metrics of traffic/sales made etc

    Try and not exceed a max of '3 clicks' to get to any information on the site as drilling down to far frustrates customers. If you need more than 3, incorporate a trail system. Enough of tactical issues.

    To successfully launch your ecommerce site will incorporate an integrated campaign both on/off line to push and pull customers to the site. You can create a blog to co-ordinate and generate word of mouth.

    Don't forget about your PR. Enough said.

    If you know of your lifetime customer value, you should know how much you can invest in finding new customers with an incentive promotion that is too good to refuse.

    Good luck!

  • Posted by Blaine Wilkerson on Accepted
    What can I say? Great advice above!

    Creating a database marketing system can increase your conversions tenfold. The trick is you have one good shot at taking a good stab at it in order to make it attractive and useful to your customers. Hence the need for outsourcing the development to a professional team.

    I would like to extend an invitation to contact me to discuss the implementation of our professional services. Our E-marketing branch is second to none and offers over-the-top service within a fee structure designed for SMEs with limited budgets. Just click on my name to get our contact details. We would be more than happy to add you to our ever growing family of E-commerce clientele!

    Good Luck and hope to hear from you soon!

    --Jett Enterprises

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