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Topic: Student Questions

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What Is Membership Marketing?

Posted by Anonymous on 25 Points
what is the definition of membership marketing?
how to achieve the membership marketing planning?
  • Posted on Accepted
    Hi Kathywan

    Membership Marketing is a company managed programme to convert occasional buyers into loyal customers, can provide predictable revenue streams, generate higher revenue by customer and increase referrals by efficiently using company resources.


    Freqeny Flyers programme - different benefits according to higher cost membership levels.

    Hertz No1 Club, Hertz Club Express, Hertz Awards

    You do need to provide benefits that are not accessible to regular customers.

    Every business has products and services that they can be packaged into a membership programme.

    The key to membership programmes, easier said then done, is sustaining and motivating members to continue their memberships. You need to deliver beyond your promises and customer expectations and offer incentives for renewal. You can also offer multiple membership packages upon renewal at discount to keep a high % of renewals.

    You may find this link useful for an example of a membership marketing plan:

    Hope this helps you.


  • Posted by mbarber on Accepted
    Gidday Kathy - as an addition to Zahid's answer, I'd also recommend 'Permission Marketing' by Seth Godin as a book well worth a read
  • Posted by Chris Blackman on Accepted
    It's also fraught with risks if your competitor IS playing the same game - sometimes levelling the playing field results in massive cost increases that renders both player's markets unviable. Look at the impact on PanAm of their overly generous frequent flyer scheme. And others..

    Better to look at the core value proposition to decide whether you need a membership scheme at all. Then make sure it adds value to the customer and value to the business.

    Me-too schemes invariably fail and create negative brand impact.


  • Posted by Sharon on Moderator
    Hello all. I am closing this question. This is standard procedure when the question author gets busy and falls out of the conversation for a while – or doesn’t understand the procedure for closing.

    Thanks for participating!

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