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Marketing Grad In A Sales Position? Is It Good?

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Ok. Here I go. I graduated on may with a B. Phil. with A major in Bus. Adm. with a concentration in Marketing.
I hadn't work in any other place execpt in College because of my Scholarship so it was hard for me to get a job even though I speak English and Spanish and have some computer knowledge.
But then I started an Intership for an ISP in the sales department. I have learned a lot from the sales force and I also got a very good background on how ISP, and some technical stuff works around here. My supervisor just asked me if I would like to work as a sales executive for the company since my Internship finishes october 30. It sounds good for one side but I guess I could be of more help in the Marketing department because this company´s marketing is not well developed but it is more like a sales oriented company but I have seen sales and competition are getting difficult. I was thinking before the supervisor asked me that, to provide my supervisor, and the general manager with an report on thinks that need to be improved and how I could help the company accomplish that if they hired me or any other person with good marketing strategies.
So please if you have any suggestion on what I should do, I would really appreciate them.
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  • Posted by Peter (henna gaijin) on Accepted
    Do you know what type of marketing position you would like to grow into?

    Pros of taking the sales position:
    - sales position (particularly outside sales) can be very lucrative - definitely make more than you would in an entry level marketing position
    - sales positions definitely can give you an excellent customer perspective, which is useful for marketing management/product marketing positions. At the last biog company Iw orked for, many of the product and marketing managers came from sales positions.

    - sales positions generally won't give you a lot of experience that is directly applicable to positions like marcom, advertising, market research, etc.
  • Posted on Author
    I would like to develop my marketing career into market research but so far I haven't had any experienced. But as Peter all of you guys, it's a good thing to start at something. and thanks for your advices
  • Posted by telemoxie on Accepted
    You should join the sales team, and use your education, hard work and intelligence to become the top salesperson at the company. Then, you will have the credibility and the perspective to help on the Marketing side, if you so choose.

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