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Where Do I Find An Email Deliverability Professional?

Posted by Anonymous on 2750 Points
Looking for an industry respected, 'hands-on', experienced, deliverability expert - email and text messaging - to hire. (employee)
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  • Posted by Inbox_Interactive on Member
    I'm not looking for any points here, but I do have a question or two.

    Are you looking for someone to do this for your own company and mailings, or are you looking to provide this service to others?

    As you know, deliverability has become a huge issue, and there are a number of services that now address it. Of course, some are better than others, and pricing is all over the place.

    It seems to me that if you need to hire someone with expertise, they are already working somewhere else (likely a service provider, not an end user), and probably being well paid if they really know what they are doing and can help clients see the value.

    If you really need someone that badly, you might need to hire a recruiter to make direct calls on your behalf.

    My $0.02.

  • Posted by Blaine Wilkerson on Member
    Well, he isn't an "employee", but he is the most experienced, knowledgable, and qualified person I know regarding email and e-newsletter campaigns. His name is Tim Pepper. As a matter of fact, he is an expert here at MP; just click on "PepperBlue" in the list of experts to your right for his contact info.

    Be sure to tell him I sent you in order to expedite his response.

    I hope this helps!

    Good Luck!
  • Posted by Inbox_Interactive on Member
    Unless I am missing something, I don't see anything about delivery assurance on the MobiMarketing site.

    I believe WallyGator is looking for someone to monitor delivery and fix blocking and blacklisting problems before/when they arise.

    There are services that do this, of course, but I don't see that this is MobiMarketing's strong suit.

    All IMHO, of course...

  • Posted by Inbox_Interactive on Accepted
    Is there really a case to be made for hiring someone full-time for this effort when you can engage a service such as ?

    There are others, of course, but I wanted to be sure that you had made your "make or buy" decision.

  • Posted by SRyan ;] on Member
    Walt, it seems like there are always people lurking around some of Houston's tech events who are in the job market.

    I think the next Tech Champs meeting at the Houston Technology Center is November 5th. You can register at Seems like at least 300 people attend each month.

    Also, there's a small group of entrepreneurs in Austin who have been successfully networking -- it's an "invitation only" group. Check them out at, and tell Bijoy that I sent you if you're interested in joining. They are just now getting a Houston group underway.

    I'm mentioning them because I subscribe to their digest, and it seems like the participants get lots of responses when they post a need for an employee.

    - Shelley
  • Posted by telemoxie on Accepted
    If I'm reading between the lines properly, you are concerned about maximum deliverability for your emails, as well as building your companies core capabilities. I believe the best talent is probably working now as an author or contractor, and might NOT be interested in full-time employment. One approach might be to look for industry recognized authors and lecturers (e.g. quick web search yielded - there are many more) and to approach them with a "joint venture" approach - and hire a second "admin" type as a full time employee to do the day to day work.

    This helps them because it will add some stable income to their current situation. This helps you because 1) you can attract higher quality talent which improves your company image 2) the talent will stay leading edge, because they will keep their interactions with other companies, 3) the overall cost to you will be lower 4) the process will create a documented set of "best practices" (i.e. documenting instructions from the expert to the admin) 5) the marketing activities from your "joint venture" may generate additional opportunities for your firm.

  • Posted on Member
    Hi there,
    This post might be a bit old, but if you still couldn't find a deliverability expert, I would gladly talk to you about it.

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