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Presentation On Marketing

Posted by Anonymous on 50 Points
Does anyone know of any good sites that include either neat, interesting facts about marketing/ advertising/ communicatons OR sites that have marketing presenations online? Looking for neat exercises, facts, etc. about marketing/branding to use in a presentaion. i.e., famous tag lines, logos, humorous quotations, etc.
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  • Posted by SRyan ;] on Member
    You could check out the new Resource pages that KHE launched here yesterday! Members have just started loading their favorite resources, but it's worth a look.

    Click the Search Resources link on the right side of this page. The results list is short for now, so just leave the criteria blank and hit the Search button.

    If I think of any specific sites for you, I'll post another response. Good luck!
  • Posted by Deremiah *CPE on Accepted

    Shelley's always giving great advice so make sure that you follow her suggestions. Besides being a Raving Cheerleader for Shelley I also love the interesting presentations by Tom Peters. Check out this part of his website for some interesting stuff...

    Thanks for letting me share. Is there anything else I can do for you?

    Your Servant, Deremiah, *CPE (Customer Passion Evangelsit

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